Nigerian man narrates how his 3 weeks relationship ended because of shawarma

By: Sarkolee / May 20th, 2022 / 51 views

Kassim, a Nigerian man, has taken to Twitter to reveal the ridiculous reason his entitled girlfriend broke up with him.

She had requested shawarma and ice cream from him, but he had not responded, so she went on a rant about how he ignores her needs.

The lady claimed that in prior relationships, she always received what she wanted, but that is not the case with Kassim, her partner.

She asked him what the point of dating him was if she couldn’t do her hair or buy ice cream, among other things.

She decided to break up with him after three weeks of dating and told him he could do anything he wanted since she couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t provide for her.

He caption the picture with this ;

And that was how a 3 weeks relationship ended cos of magzi shawarma 😩😩😩

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