Nigerian man opens barbing salon in Gombe for free cutting to honour Peter Obi

By: Sarkolee / August 2nd, 2022 / 96 views

A barbershop named after Peter Obi has opened in the Billiri East Local Government Area of Gombe State according to a man named Daniel Adamu Tangale.

He stated that the saloon would open on July 31, 2022, and added that he planned to replicate the concept in rural areas.

Tangale, an Obi supporter, claims that he founded the business to strengthen his commitment to the Labour Party presidential candidate’s campaign.

The man shared photos and wrote; ”Done and Dusted, we have successfully opened a permanent free barbing shop dedicated to Peter Obi. I desire to do same in the rural areas for obi.

The saloon will be open three times a week to visitors of all ages, but in especially to young children, he added.

In a message on Saturday, he had earlier invited people to the launch.

I want to cordial invite you to pray for the success and dedication of our Obi/Makama Free Barbing Salon located in Billiri East. It will be open thrice a week for everybody to come and have a free clean shave, especially kids. This is dedicated to Peter Obi for our campaign.

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