Nigerian man propose to a lady she’s warning against billing him while dating

By: Sarkolee / May 16th, 2022 / 79 views


A Nigerian woman has announced that she is now engaged to her lover, who also stated why referring to him as a boyfriend is a bad idea.

Cassandra, the young woman, had previously revealed that she had informed him of her intention to begin ‘taxing’ him, but he had warned her against it.

She wrote this tweet around april

Lmao tell me why I told this man I need to start taxing him and he said it’s my future family’s money I’ll be compromising.

Billing him while they were still dating would be comparable to putting their future family’s finances at risk, according to reports.

Cassandra shared a photo of her engagement ring on her finger after accepting his marriage proposal on her Instagram account on May 15.

She captioned the picture with this text

Well turns out it’s truly my future family I’ll be compromising


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