Nigerian US based family rush out to greet Comedian Sabinus as they sight him [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 27th, 2022 / 42 views

A comedian named Sabinus meets a family in London, as seen in a viral social media video.

The producer of the video was filming a sketch in the neighborhood where the family resides when a man saw him through the window.

The father signaled for the rest of his family to exit as he hurried outside to see Sabinus.

He claimed that the reason he hurried out was because he recognized him from the comedy videos he had seen on TV and social media.

Sabinus greeted the family and returned the favor by shaking their hands and offering them embraces.

They were told by Sabinus that he was filming a skit on their street, but that it was over. He then started inviting people.

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