Nigerian woman allegedly divorce his husband after 28 years marriage because he impregnated a young girl

By: Sarkolee / April 27th, 2022 / 89 views

Harachi, a Nigerian lady, has told the story of her aunt’s 28-year marriage ending due to infidelity on the side of her husband.

She disclosed that her aunt married her husband while he was in his first year of medical school and stayed with him until he graduated.

They had been together for 28 years when he became pregnant with a small girl, and she insisted that he marry her.

His wife, feeling betrayed, divorced him and took their last child with her. While responding to a post questioning actor Yul Edochie’s morality for taking on a second wife, the tweep recounted her aunt’s experience.

Harachi wrote this on her timeline :

Lol. My aunt married her husband when in his 1st year, she was with him through medical school. They stayed married for 28 years, two years ago he impregnated a young girl and insisted he will marry her. My aunt divorced him and left with her last child.

Starting off Broke or not broke, when people outgrow you in a relationship or start feeling something for a different person, their loyalty will be tested . Especially when the butterflies are no longer there, if they are very disciplined , you all might succeed. If not…

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