Nigerians will soon appreciate Buhari’s efforts and achievements ~ Tinubu

By: Sarkolee / October 19th, 2022 / 35 views

The majority of President Muhammadu Buhari’s accomplishments, according to APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu, are generally underappreciated by Nigerians.

This was expressed by him on Tuesday in a message of goodwill that he gave during the three-day ministerial retreat that is now taking place in Abuja for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

The former governor of Lagos state argued in favor of the president and said Nigerians needed to realize that Buhari had to deal with difficulties like insecurity that were left over from the previous administration.

Speaking on the topic of “Enhance Security, Fight Corruption, Transform the Economy,” Tinubu predicted that even though Buhari is not yet recognized for all he has accomplished, this will change in due course.

He said; “His (Buhari) labour and achievements may go unappreciated for a moment. However, that unfair moment cannot last. In due course, the full extent of his contributions will become known and understood.

“This administration inherited a national condition steeped in difficulty unlike any other. Predecessor governments ignored or lacked the will to tackle serious problems ranging from insecurity to corruption.

“As if that was not enough, you (Buhari) confronted a series of events, unprecedented in the compound severity, complexity and novelty they posed. COVID attacked both global health and the global economy. Throughout most of your tenure, oil prices waned and ebbed and, consequently, so did our revenues.

“The Ukrainian crisis and other conflicts, coupled with severe weather events in many nations further disrupted economic production and undermined international supply chains of critical items, especially food. You did more than persevere and withstand these adverse storms. Despite it all, you made historic progress.

Upon entering office, you faced a situation where deadly terrorists were planting flags on our national territory, proclaiming an illegal state within our legitimate state. Because of your collective work, they no longer plant flags. Their boasts of conquest are no longer heard. You put us on the road to defeating this menace. By the grace of God Himself, we shall persist until terrorists and those like them are utterly removed from the face of our nation.

“The progress you made in increasing farm productivity while improving the conditions of the average farmer was important policy interventions, helping the nation overcome the global supply chain disruptions that threatened our food security.

“The Petroleum Industry Act stands as landmark legislation, opening new vistas in the oil and gas sector. And faithful implementation of the electoral law you passed will further enshrine our democratic way of life through the guarantee of free and fair elections.”