“Nobody Says Good Thing About Him”: Comedian Destalker Exposes Basketmouth’s Shady Side (Video)

By: naijamedialog.com / September 6th, 2023 / 51 views

“Nobody Says Good Thing About Him”: Comedian Destalker Exposes Basketmouth’s Shady Side (Video)

“Nobody Says Good Thing About Him”: Comedian Destalker Exposes Basketmouth's Shady Side (Video)

A video of comedian Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, also known as Destalker, discussing his conflict with senior coworker Basketmouth has gone viral to varying degrees of reception.

Destalker described in the conversation with the Honest Bunch Podcast how Basketmouth made amends for a 2015 mishap.

He described what transpired and mentioned that in 2015 he turned down an invitation to appear in Basketmouth’s comedy series “My Flatmates.”

Destalker claimed he received a late-night call from someone inviting him to participate in an unplanned shoot, but he turned it down.

The stand-up comic claimed that when the same person called him the next day to inquire about his decision, he had not changed his mind.

He asserted that after the encounter, Basketmouth had slandered him in public and that all of his attempts to get in touch with him had failed.

“Some senior colleagues have mentioned my name in various ways. First, I detest fatherism; I am aware of my foe. I’ve been pleading with Gordons.

When someone called and inquired about what I had with Basketmouth, I remained silent. Go and beg him, he said. because of an event that occurred in 2015.

Narrating the incident, he said:

“Something happened in 2015 abi 2016 that till today, he did not hear from me. I used to do ’38 Comedy Club’ then. That night, I finished performing around 1 a.m. I dey enter my house na him my phone ring, na him I pick a call, who be this? E say from Flatmates, say you are shooting at 7 a.m. tomorrow.

“I have never been interested, I now said I had not gotten a call before concerning Flatmates, and he now said are you coming or not?

“I said sorry o, do not talk to me like that, I am not coming. It is too late, I just got home. Na him he come cut call.

“Around 10 am, the call came again, where are you now? I said you spoke to me at night, we did not have a conclusion, I am in my house. He started again so you are not coming? I said I am not, he said so I will tell Basket say you no dey come.

Three weeks later, I met KP, I say, my leader! He say get out. How much you get wey you don dey get pride? A whole Basket send person make dem call you, you tell dem say dem no call you before.