Nowadays parenting are poor because today babies are also parenting babies

By: Sarkolee / May 13th, 2022 / 99 views

Dele Odule, a Nollywood actor, has shared an awesome throwback shot of himself in his youth.

The veteran used the snapshot to criticize the current generation’s contemporary parenting methods.

According to him, parenting was done the right way back then, unlike now, when infants are raising babies.

This was the time when parenting was how it should be, not now when babies are raising babies. Both proud grandfather and proud mother are respectfully depicted in that photograph.

After a video of them all loving up appeared online, Idowu Phillips, also known as Iya Rainbow, and Dele Odule fuelled dating rumors.

The celebrities, who have been linked to each other on multiple occasions, were seen in a lovely video eating themselves fruits and having a good time.

Though the film is only a clip from Shola Allyson’s ‘Ifewa Adale’ music video, their chemistry was so powerful that many people couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows.

The elderly performers took on the roles of actor Lateef Adedimeji and his wife, Bimpe Oyebade.


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