Nowadays women thinks to be submissive is all about cooking only ~ Relationship expert

By: Sarkolee / May 26th, 2022 / 38 views

According to a relationship specialist, modern women misinterpret being submissive to mean that they must cook for their husband and perform household tasks.

He remarked that women frequently believe that bringing money makes them equal to the males in their lives.

According to John, submission is a natural instinct that a woman should invoke, but the man should allow her to be obedient of her own free will.


He wrote this on his page :

The “modern” day woman sees submission as cooking & doing chores.

To her, if she’s equally bringing in money, then she cannot be submissive.

I think we all should know that submission has nothing to do with money even if yes, the man should provide.

Submission is a natural instinct a woman should invoke when she marries a man.

His money should not be the one to invoke it.

And her money should not be the one to deprecate it either.

That being said, certain behaviors by a man can make him lose that respect & by extension, a submissive wife.

A man who demands from his wife to play certain roles that are not naturally hers, will trigger his wife to anger.

If a wife is playing her role to the best of her ability, then she should not be made to do anything else by coercion.

It’s entirely her decision to assist you financially even if she is earning more than you do. When it comes to money, you & your wife are not necessarily partners that are equal.

You bring and she assists. The work she’s doing alone is stressful enough. So, allow her be submissive & decide what she can do to help you.

My only concern is where one draws the line when it comes to relationships. I think some dating men use money as a means to gain “loyalty & faithfulness” not submission.

A woman can only be submissive to her husband & not boyfriend. But she must show signs that she can be if the relationship is serious. So at least, the man knows what he’s about to get into.

Married women who decide not to be submissive to their husbands because they’ve their own money (even when the husband provides) aren’t serious with their marriage.

They only want to answer “Mrs”.

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