Omah Lay reveals what he gain from Burna Boy that boost his music career [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 12th, 2022 / 22 views

Omah Lay, a popular Afropop performer from Nigeria, has declared that Burna Boy is the best songwriter in the world.

He said this in an interview with Motolani and Kemi Smallz on Pulse One On One, stating that he had learned from the “Common Person” crooner.

Omah Lay claims that when he first arrived in Port Harcourt, he has been a fan of Burna Boy and is aware that no other artist in the business can match the Grammy winner’s pen game.

He also recalled the day when he referred to himself as the best songwriter, claiming that, before to tweeting his thoughts, he almost said Burna Boy was the second-best.

He later texted the self-described African Giant, telling him not to take his tweet literally, nevertheless.

The “Lo Lo” claimed that Burna Boy taught him the craft of songwriting and that no one else is as talented.

Hahaha! Nobody comes close to me with the pen”, he had tweeted.

Omah Lay reiterated that he has spent his entire childhood listening to Burna.

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