Oritsefemi wife, Nabila divorces the singer after he reportedly welcomed a child with another woman [video]

By: Sarkolee / October 28th, 2022 / 31 views

Nabila Fash, the wife of musician Oritsefemi, has petitioned for a divorce, ending their five-year union.

Nabila revealed this in an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze. She said she decided to divorce the singer after learning that he had a child with someone else while they were still married and trying for a child of their own.

She accused Oritsefemi of constant adultery and recalled how she once organized a meeting place for all the women he was having extramarital affairs with.

Oritsefemi was expecting a son with one of the ladies, according to Nabila, at the time he went online to ask for help pleading for her when she left their home in 2020 because he was physically abusive to her.

Remember how the artist apologized to his wife on social media in October 2020 after they had split up due to domestic violence?

He appealed to his followers on Instagram to assist him get his wife’s attention while pleading with her to forgive him for his transgressions.

In a recent interview with Daddy Freeze, Nabila discussed her marital problems and remarked,

My marriage to him was very sacred in the beginning but I became someone else at some point, I was even out of order because when you get to a certain pain you can’t even control yourself anymore. He has two kids before I married him, there was one on the way when we were about to get married. It became important for my sanity for my mental health to take a decision, a decision that wasn’t easy, a decision that made me to be here today

Oritsefemi, she continued, has resisted signing the divorce documents because he thinks they will get back together.

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