Peter Okoye breaks silence over alleged kissing of his female fan

By: Sarkolee / September 24th, 2022 / 48 views

Peter Okoye, a member of P-Square, responds to the criticism following the release of a video showing him kissing a fan while performing.

A video of the singer also known as Mr. P went viral online in the early hours of Saturday, drawing criticism in the process.

Peter Okoye responded to the video by criticizing doubters and posing the question of what difference it makes when he gives his clothes to fans on stage.

On stage! I throw my cloths, shoes, and even throw good and passionate KISSES💋! 😂😂😂No one from my family is complaining! Why e Dey pain u?😂🤣😂🤣 Pls allow us to continue our Tour in peace! #Psquare100CitiesWorldTour🌎,” he wrote.