[Poem] Angel from the North.

By: Naijamedialog / April 25th, 2020 / 128 views


Angel from the North,
I want a day that I will
stand firm like a lion
and will break that hymen
of betrayal in your body.

I will sheath my sword of
anger and scatter that
melancholic bitch that
breeds in your heart.

A day that I will remove
demons of wickedness,
betrayals and ungratefulness
from your soul, and I will
replace your hymen with love
and gratitudes.

A day that I will remove that
bitch that has been nurtured
in your beautiful heart and I
will belch that ungrateful
demon in your heart.

I will stage a  fight with
that  beast that live in
there, in your heart and I
will challenge her to a cage
fight where I will beat her
black and blue to death.

I will seduce and lure her
wicked soul into sex and
then rape that demonic
soul of hers from your heart
with my pen.

I will deep my hands into
her clitoris of deception and
make her reach climax, I will
make sure I tear apart her
clitoris in away that it can
never be healed anymore.

I will show her that I’m the
lion of the tribe of Juda, I
hunt down evil spirits of love
and ungratefulness that has
taken heels the souls
of Northern Angels.

©Aboo Salmarh.
Benue, Nigeria.
Photo Credit@
Aboo Rayhanah.


Hassan Idris is with pen name as Aboo Salmarh is a student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria -Nigeria, studying Sociology and Anthroplogy. He is a member of the Creative writer’s Club, A. B. U Zaria, Creative Club Gombe State University, Northern writer’s Summit, Risingyouth and Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation. His works has appeared in Zdigest, Yodelehub. Com, Kano State Students magazine, and Creative Writer’s Club, Kongo Campus, A. B. U Zaria. He received an Award from his department as the best researcher in 2017.

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