Police returned N1k back to me out of N2,500 they collected from me after I was beated by them

By: Sarkolee / April 28th, 2022 / 90 views

Foelyjoe, a rising Nigerian artist, has spoken out about his harrowing ordeal at the hands of Nigerian police officers.

Foelyjoe, whose real name is Aiyetran Folagbade Segun, claims that police officers attacked him and extorted N2,500 from him, only to return N1,000 and tell him to fend for himself.

He claimed the event occurred on Wednesday morning when he returned from a visit to someone in Sangotedo, Lagos state.

See what he wrote :

Today I jammed Agbako( NG POLICE ) 💔read thread

I was leaving the mainland this morning to meet someone at Shoprite Sangotedo just as I was returning back home, my bolt driver was stopped by the NGpolice at mile2, they asked me to get out of the car one of them said mr man where are you going I told him my destination he said what do you do for a living told him I am a musician and also a graphic designer he said he wanted to see my ID card, told him I was with my international passport and that is the only identification I have with me but I said if he doesn’t mind I can browse my name on google, that was after he searched my phone, he told me to go ahead.

I showed him foelyjoe on google and d next thing was can u call your manager so we can be sure you are real the name you show us on google told him that I had no manger except my mother and my producer like play like play they force me into their bus.

I called my mom and put my phone on speaker i gave him the phone back to talk to my mom he hung up and seized my phone When I was trying to get people’s attention, that’s where the beatings start last last sha i bailed out myself with 8k and bailed out my phone with n2500, they gave me 1k back so I can use it to take myself home



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