Portable blast show promoter who said he got denied for speaking yoruba at US Embassy [video]

By: Naijamedialog / October 8th, 2022 / 116 views

Controversial street-hop performer Portable has responded to several show promoters who claimed that his rude behavior and choice to speak Yoruba at the embassy hindered him from obtaining a visa.

As you may remember, he was called out by two show promoters after his visa application was rejected due to his alleged behavior at the consulate.

While one said that Portable insulted the Consular in a popular video, another claimed that the singer was speaking Yoruba rather than English.

But in a video response, the singer pointed out that despite having visited places like London, Cairo, Dubai, Kenya, Germany, and Turkey, the promoters want people to think he can’t speak English.

He continued by saying that he already had a Shengen visa and that the promoters’ ignorance of their work was the only reason he was unable to process the second visa.

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