Portable cries out for not seeing any dead body and police is demanding N5 million from him

By: Sarkolee / June 23rd, 2022 / 23 views

You may remember that it was revealed yesterday that his car was a part of an accident that resulted in a man’s death. The driver of the vehicle was his recently signed talent. The musician also acknowledged the occurrence and claimed that after visiting the hospital to donate some cash, he learned that the patient had passed tragically. He made a blessing pledge to the deceased person’s relatives.

On the other hand, he revealed on his Instagram page today that when he visited the hospital yesterday, the patient indicated he was fine but had only a few complaints. He said that the man’s death was learned about only 30 minutes after he left the hospital. He claimed that although they are want five million naira from him, they do not want him to certify that the individual is actually deceased. In order to verify if they are telling the truth or are just out to get his money, he said that he hasn’t seen any dead bodies and that he wants to see them.


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