Portable reacts as old beggar walk away after giving him N1000 naira without thanking him in Egypt [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 24th, 2022 / 36 views

Currently in Egypt, singer Portable has informed his fans and followers on his whereabouts in the nation in his customary manner. The musician behind the hit song “Zazu” uploaded a video to Instagram depicting the moment he gave a beggar collecting alms N1000. While other natives urged the elderly man to accept the financial present before leaving, netizens had conflicting opinions.

Despite his reputation for generating controversy, controversial singer Portable is a rising artist who knows how to express affection when he is out and about. The Zazu hitmaker chose to bless an elderly beggar while he was in Egypt, just as he does when he storms neighborhoods in Lagos.

Portable was seen with his buddies when he discovered the alms beggar in a video posted on Instagram.

He indicated that he was going to give the man N1,000 and assured his friend that the man would take the money. He then reached for his bag.

The singer then called on the man and gave him a N1,000 note. The beggar initially seemed a little perplexed until some locals explained the money that was given to him. He was touched by Portable’s thoughtful action and soon left. He shared the article and added:

Who go help you no go stress you

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