Pregnant Virgin – Episode 11

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 11

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
Gosh! The palace was so beautiful and I couldn’t stop looking around as Zosar took me to my room.

We had to go through a long way before getting to our destination which he referred to as my room.

He opened the door and walked in while I followed him behind..

A “wow” escaped my lips as I met with the beautiful room. Wow! It was dazzling.

A big comfy bed, a big wardrobe, a make up table, shoe shelf…everything! It was unbelievable!

“I had this room made for Hathor” Zosar said and I took my gaze to him.

“That was before I left to find her. I had planned on bringing her over here so she could live the life of a princess. But unfortunately…”
He paused and sighed.

“Everything you need should be here already. I’m talking about material things – clothes, shoes – name them. And just in case there’s any other thing you need, don’t hesitate to let me know. Or send a maid to get it, rather.

“For now, we’re having a party just like you’ve heard from my mum. It’s my parents anniversary. So, pick something nice from the closet and get ready. I’ll send someone to come get you when its time” he explained without a pause and I just kept staring

“Any questions?” He turned and looked at me.

“No; I don’t think so. Thanks” I replied and he nods

“A meal will be brought to you shortly. And when you’re done eating, just try to get ready for the party, okay?”


And he left afterwards.

I sighed and plonked myself on the bed.

Geez! I wonder how long I’ll have to be here. I seriously can’t wait to give birth to this baby.

I stood up and went to the wardrobe to have a look.

Wow! This looks just like a fashion wardrobe. There were so many, pretty and classic

Hm. What will I wear to the party?
I ticked my tongue for a while and brought out a long red gown.
Gosh? It was so beautiful.

I was about trying it on when the door opened and I turned to see three maids walking in – holding trays of food


I held the dress to my chest and watched them as they quietly and placed the trays on the table

They were all dressed uniformly – a short pretty gown and pair of flat shoes. They looked so pretty.

“Good evening” they greeted with a bow, making me astonished.

Oh, please! I’m seriously not used to this.

“Um…good evening” I replied a little nervous

“We were sent by the prince to get these to you. Please, let us know if you need any other thing…” One of the maids said politely.

“Oh, please; you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll be fine with just this” I replied and they bowed and started leaving the room..

Two of them left, but the third stopped at the door and looked back at me.
Huh? Why did she stop?

I watched her curiously and she walked towards me and whispered, her eyes flashing.

“Don’t trust anyone. They might all seem nice to you, but trust no one. Not even the prince” she said as low as possible and finally left the room


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