Pregnant Virgin – Episode 12

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 12

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I flinched as I watched her walk away. What does she mean by that? What does she mean I should trust no one?

Oh, God! Is my life really in danger here? But how? They should know I’m just here to give birth to this baby and nothing more.

But why did she mention the prince as well? What’s that supposed to mean? Would the prince want to harm the carrier of his unborn baby or what?

Oh God! What have I gotten myself into?
Zosar’s Pov:
I was on my way to my room when I ran into mother. Thank goodness. I’ve been looking for a way to speak with her.

“My prince charming” she smiled as she got to where I was and we both stopped walking.
The maids behind her kept their heads bowed.

“Why are you still moving around? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for the party?” She asked and I sighed.

“Mum, I’ve been meaning to ask you; what’s Rana doing here?” I asked more like in a whisper and she chuckled..

“Zosar! You never seize to amaze me. Rana is an old friend, right? I thought you guys were best friends. Anyway, she just came to spend some time with us. Although, I’m not sure when she’ll be leaving” she replied and I scoffed.

“So….King Rowan is okay with his daughter to spending that much time with us? Are you hiding something from me, mum?”

“Zosar!” She laughed.
“Why would I hide anything from you? Anyway, we’re running late. You need to get ready for the party” she pecked my cheek and left.

Hm. Why do I smell something fishy?

Rana is old friend – yes. But she’s never spent more than a few hours with us. The only time she only comes around when her father is coming for a visit or a meeting and she simply accompanies him. This is actually the first time she’s coming on her own. And shocking enough, mum says she’ll be staying for a while.

Like…what the hell? Something doesn’t seem right.

I stood in a ruminative mood for a while, then shrugged and left for my room.
I sat on the bed and buried my face in my palm as soon as I got into the room. I felt so weak.

Hathor – her death was still like a shock to me. Why did she have to die? Why now?

I grunted painfully. I was going to miss her. All the plans we had together – all the memories we shared. I couldn’t believe they were all gone.

My emotions were about getting out of hand when I heard a knock on the door and I snapped out of my rueful thoughts.

“Who’s it?” I lifted my head from my palm and asked blearily.

“It’s Naunet, my prince. I came with your meal” she replied and I sighed.

“Alright. Come in”.

And the door opened creepily with her coming in with a tray of food.

I stood up to go to the wardrobe as she walked in.

“Good evening my prince” she greeted with a charming smile.


“Yeah – evening, Naunet”, I replied causally and reached for the wardrobe.

Her gown was excessively tight and short – making me recall what it felt like to be down there.

I opened the wardrobe and sought for what to wear. Little did I know she was already standing behind me.

“My prince” I heard her enchanting voice and turned to look at her.

I wondered why she packed her short hair today. Although, it still looked good on her. The front part of it fell over her right eye.

Well, Naunet was one pretty lady.

“Do you need any other thing?” She asked and bit her lower lip seductively.

I stared at her for a while.

“No; thank you” I replied and turned back to the wardrobe.

“My prince…” She called and hugged me from behind.

Oh, damn!

“You look really depressed. And I think I might know the right remedy for you”.
And slowly, she came to stand in front of me.

She lifted her hand to my trouser and teased my joystick.
Geez! Naunet! She still hasn’t changed.

She smiled as she knelt in front of me and reached for my zipper, pulling it down.

“Hmm” she hummed as she brought out my d*** and stroked it gently.
She’s still good at what she does. I guess she’s missed this.

Well, one thing you should know about me – I’m a s*x freak. Even when Hathor and I were together, I was still tempted to have a taste of other ladies once in a while. Well, I guess its common among princes.

But when I discovered Hathor was pregnant for me, it changed me and I learnt to stop that habit.
I tried restricting myself and avoiding all the ladies that threw themselves on me.

But now she’s dead; I don’t know. I just feel so hopeless.

She continued stroking the d***, feeling me with so much pleasure. And next, she slided it into her mouth.

Her cheeks were full as they couldn’t even take in the full size.

“Mmmm”, she moaned and started su**ing it, like an expert that she was.

I gripped her hair and assisted her and soon, I was throat – f**king her.

“Yes, yes; come on” I groaned with my eyes closed.

Then, I tried forcing my full size into her and she ended up choking. I pulled it out of her and she coughed out semen.

She giggled and held the d***, rubbing her tongue on every single part of it, taking in all the semen.

She took it into her mouth again and continued su**ing it, giving me the outmost pleasure I desired.

I felt my cum building up and didn’t hesitate to release it all in her mouth, making her gulp every last drop.

“My prince…” She chuckled, obviously enjoying it.

Then, I let go of her hair and moved away from her.

“That’ll be all for now, Naunet. You can leave” I said as I inserted my joystick back to where it belonged and zipped it up.

Then expression on her face changed.

“But, my prince…we haven’t even…”

“I said that’ll be all for now” I cut her off and she lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Yes, my prince”, she bowed and left.
Naunet’s Pov:
I left the room angrily and kicked the wall when I was alone.

Damn it!

Why the hell did he have to resist me?

I was so close – so close to getting him back.

After Hathor came in and ruined my plans, I kept praying for the day I’d own him again. And when she left, I was so happy.

But now, the f**king baby is in another lady’s womb. Why does this have to happen?

Mum will be so mad at me. She wanted me to sleep with the prince today.
What do I do?

Its getting more spicy, right?😋😋😋

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