Pregnant Virgin – Episode 13

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 13

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I stood in front of the mirror and admired myself in the long dazzling gown.

Wow! Undoubtedly, it looked good on me.

I smiled and touched my tummy. It was beginning to feel big.
Gosh! I couldn’t believe I was really pregnant. I was carrying a baby! In a few months, I’ll become a mother.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door and took my eyes from the mirror.

“Yes?” I replied and the door opened with the prince coming in


I cringed a little and moved away from the mirror.
Wow! He was looking so…charming

Dressed like a prince that he was.

“Hi” he said warmly as he stood with his hands crossed behind his back.

“Um…hi” I cleared my throat and said.

“Are you ready for the party? I came to pick you up”.

“Oh! I thought you said you’ll be sending someone else?”

“Yeah…I changed my mind. Come on” he said and started walking out of the room and I followed him behind.

I was a bit nervous; I mean, being in such a strange place in the midst of strange people. It made me cringe – really.

I walked beside Zosar as hr took me to the party hall and on our way there, I could see the maids and guards moving around, being so busy.

After a while, we arrived at the throne room where the party was taking place and…woah!

It was a beanfeast.

Okay; now I’m really nervous.

I could see people of high personalities – laughing, chatting and drinking. The maids were moving around with drinks in trays and other small chops.

Wow! The entire place was booming.

“Zosar!” Rana came cat-walking to us.

Hm. She was looking so pretty – like a princess.

“Awwn! You’re looking good” she flushed and pecked him on the cheek.


“And you’re not looking bad either.” He complimented and her cheeks turned red.

“Hi Zoey” she waved at me in a sweet smile.

“Care for a drink?”

“Nah. I don’t drink. Thanks” I declined.

“Oh! And I guess its bad for the baby as well” she winked at me and chuckled.

“So..why don’t you come with me, Zosar? Let’s have a little fun, huh?” She said seductively.


“The fun can wait”, Zosar replied and started walking away with me, holding my hand.

We bumped into his mother next.

“Son!” She exclaimed and hugged him.
“Oh, goodness! You’re looking terribly good, son. I love you”.

And she kissed him.


“Good evening ma’am” I greeted with my gaze on the floor.

“Oh, pretty! How’re you?” She beamed.

“I’m fine, ma’am. Thanks”.

“And how’s the baby?”

“Its…fine, I guess” I replied and she laughed.

“Okay, dear. I have other guests to attend to. Enjoy the party” she smiled and walked away.
Rana’s Pov:
I waited angrily in the room for her to show up.

I really couldn’t wait to pour out my anger and express myself.

I paced tho and fro, restlessly. This is so annoying.

After a while, she showed up.

“Rana…” She called, her long gown sweeping the floor.

“Are you alright? Why was it so important for you to see me in the middle of the party?”

“Because there’s something important I need to tell you about” I said impatiently, making her a little surprised.

“It’s about your son – Zosar. Why haven’t you told him the main reason I’m here? Why are you letting him act cold towards me?” I asked and she sighed.

“Rana dear, you need to understand that I’m waiting for the right time…”

“The right time?” I scoffed.
“The agreement was – as soon as he returns, you let him know we’re engaged and we get married immediately. But you’re prolonging everything”.

“Zosar just lost someone special to him and you know it! Now is not the right time to tell him to get married”.

“So, you prefer he gets stuck with his new baby mama until he finally decides to get married to her?”

“What’re you talking about? Why on earth would he get married to her?”

“Seriously? He’s falling for her already. He’s…”

“That’s not possible”.
She said fiercely.

“That lady’s only here because she’s carrying my son’s child but Zosar will never think of getting married to her”

“So what if they fall in love?” I scoffed.

“If Zosar makes the mistake of falling in love with her, I’ll kill her as soon as she gives birth to that baby” she replied.

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