Pregnant Virgin – Episode 14

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 14

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
The party was still at it’s peak, but it wasn’t long when I started feeling dizzy and tired.

My waist and legs were hurting a lot and I just needed to rest.

“Are you alright?” Zosar who was next to me asked, probably noticing the depression on my face and I shook my head.

“Why? What’s wrong?” He further asked.

“I…I think I just need some rest” I replied, tired.

“Oh; come on; I’ll take you to the room” he said as he held my hand and started walking away with me.

We left the throne room together and kept walking until we got to my room.

“Is there something you need?” He asked as I sat on the bed.

“No; I’ll be fine. All I need is some sleep” I told him and he nodded and watched me lay on the bed.

For a moment, we were silent.

“Thank you…for doing all these” he said calmly.
“Although, when I think of the fact that Hathor would’ve been the one lying here, it makes me weak. But still, thank you for accepting my offer and agreeing to come with me. You probably don’t know how much it means to me – getting to know that the only thing I had with Hathor still exists. Thank you”.

It sounded more like a speech to me and I couldn’t help but watch him. I almost didn’t realize when he was done.

“Its nothing. Although, I also didn’t plan for it, but you’re welcome” I replied and he nodded and stood up.

“You should get some sleep. I’ll come check up on you later” he said and left the room.
Zosar’s Pov:
As soon as I left the room, I suddenly felt so weak. Somehow, talking about Hathor brought back the acrimony and made me weak. I missed her; she meant a lot to me and its just like a joke thinking she’s gone – gone forever. How am I supposed to live with that?

I walked dizzily along the passage, not knowing where to head – if I were to return to the party or just go straight to my room. My head was beginning to ache a bit.
Halfway, I bumped into Rana.

Oh! Please, not now.

“Zosar” she called and stood in front of me, stopping me from walking.

“What is it?” I asked dazed, squeezing my eyes.

She sighed and held my hands.

“I need to have a word with you – privately” she said and without saying a word, I started following her.

I didn’t even know what to think or say. I just followed and she took me to my room.
Rana’s Pov:
This was my opportunity. Yes; from now on; I won’t depend on the queen anymore. I’ll do things my own way and win Zosar.

He followed me to his room and as soon as we got in, I shut the door. He was looking kind of depressed, tho.

“So..what is it you want to talk about?” He asked and I kissed him.

Hmm. Saucy.

He tried to reciprocate, but suddenly pulled away.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” He asked in a rough breath as he moved away.

“Zosar…” I called tenderly and drew closer to him.
“You don’t need to shy away. I know you want it. And I’m here as a friend to help you”.

“A friend?” He scoffed and I kissed him, sending my hand to his trouser.

I caressed his private area while I kept him busy with the kiss and this time around, he couldn’t resist.

He lifted me up and took me to the bed, placing me roughly on it.

Now; I know the spirit that’s taken over him. It was the tiger-like Zosar and I think I love it.
I couldn’t wait to get devoured by him.
Naunet’s Pov:
I stood sadly in front of mother as she scolded me like I was a six year old baby.

I seriously don’t get why she’s so bent on this.

“See Naunet; sometimes, you don’t act like you’re my daughter” she rasped.

“Just when a golden opportunity like this comes in, you let it slip through your finger!”

“Well, what would I have done, mother?” I fired back, feeling frustrated.

“For goodness sake, you saw it all! I tried my best to make the prince mine but it’s almost impossible because he was obsessed over Hathor…”

“And when Hathor left, you should’ve seized that opportunity to take over”.

“Well, I tried. Don’t talk like you don’t know I did my best, mother. I tried to seduce him but several times, he pushed me away. What would I have done?

“And now that Hathor’s gone, He’s back with a strange lady who’s carrying his baby. Who knows if that’s the reason he rejected me earlier today? The whole thing’s just complicated, mother and you should understand”.

She exhaled angrily and backed me.

“And…even princess Rana is here. Who knows her intentions?” I further asked.

“Rana is not a problem” she said.
“She can easily be taken care of like a rat. My major fear is that baby that stranger is carrying. That’s going to be the only problem. Before the break of tomorrow, I need to make sure that baby no longer exists”.

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