Pregnant Virgin – Episode 15

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky

Rana’s Pov:
He lifted my dress up to my waist level and pushed in two fingers.

Oh, my God!

“Hah! Zosar….” I moaned out his name as I unconsciously spread my legs wider.

Despite the fact I wasn’t a v**gin, I wasn’t loosed either and my v was still very tight.

I shut my eyes in pains and sweetness as he moved his fingers into me, making me wet.

I gripped him tight, scared of losing him. And after a while, he slipped out the fingers and unhooked his belt, bringing out his joystick.

My eyes beamed immediately. Oh! How I’ve missed the sight of this.

He was so impatient and didn’t hesitate to push it into me.

“Oh, my goodness!!” I let out a loud groan as it made me feel like I was being damaged.

Oh, my God! He was damn too big.

“Zosar…” I called out to him, but he only forced himself deeper into me, making me hold him tight.

I couldn’t even take his full size and roughly, he started thrusting into me.

The bed made some funny sounds because of how fast he was moving into me.

He groaned into my ears

“Yes! Yes! Oh my…

“Oh, please…”
I cried in moans as he pounced harder on me.
After a long while, he finally pulled out of me and fell on the bed beside me.

I panted heavily, but him, he wasn’t even looking like he just finished a hot round with someone.

I tried catching my breath before turning to look at him.

“That was awesome” I smiled and drew invisible lines on his chest.

He sat up and took his trousers from the floor, putting them on and next, he left the bed for a drawer in the room. He brought out what seemed like drugs from the drawer and returned to me with a bottle of water.

“Here: take this” he said, stretching out the tablet and water.


“Wh…Why? What’s this?” I asked, confused.

“Its some safe pills, to prevent you from getting pregnant. Now, take it” he said rather coldly and I scoffed.

“Are you…serious? I mean, you don’t have to give me pills. I can take care of myself” I twitched.

“Listen to me, Rana; I had s*x with you, not because I want you to get pregnant; but just because of fun. You said it yourself – you were only here for me as a friend. So, to be on the safer side, take the pills. Don’t make me repeat myself, Rana” he said with a deadly look and sluggishly, I took the pills and water from him and gulped them down.

Oh, damm it!!
Zoey’s Pov:
After sleeping for a long time, I woke up feeling a lot better.

I sat up on the bed and placed my hand on my tummy. The pains had indeed subsided. I couldn’t believe I was actually carrying a baby in me.

A baby that ruined everything – my life, my family, my education.
Gosh! Getting pregnant at such a young age was never in my list.

And now – I’m here in a strange land – where I’ve been asked not to trust anyone. My life just seemed like a complete mess – like a cage with no escape.

I buried my face in my palm, feeling a little frustrated. Shortly, a knock on the door snapped me out of my rueful thoughts.

“Um..come in” I sniffed and said and the door opened with a maid holding a tray of food

She walked in and stood in front of me.

“Good evening ma’am. I’ve been sent to serve your meal” she said with a bow, making me feel awkward.

“Okay. Thanks” I replied and she dropped the tray on the table in front of me and left.

I sighed and ruffled my hair. I was feeling dangerously hungry and probably, it was a result of my state.


I shook my head and went closer to the tray, uncovering the plates in it

Wow! They were delectable. Without hesitation, I started eating

It was amusing how they treated me like a princess. Well, of course; I was probably carrying the heir to the throne. I was carrying the first son of the crowned prince.

As soon as it’s due for delivery and I give birth, I’ll hand the baby over to them and return to my hometown. Well, of course; that’s the only reason I’m here – to be a baby carrier.

It made me feel a little stupid.

I continued eating silently, lost in an ocean of thoughts and suddenly, I felt a heavy cramp below my abdomen.

I paused and took in some water and the pains increased.
Huh? What’s going on?

The pains hit at me with a mightier force and this time around, I had to hold my tummy tight.

Why am I feeling this way? What’s happening? Oh my God!

The pains increased and I found myself screaming.

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