Pregnant Virgin – Episode 19

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 19
By: Faith Lucky
Naunet’s Pov:
I folded my hands as I waited for him in the garden to arrive and shortly, he did.
“Hello pretty” he cooed and wrapped his hands around my waist.
He smiled and kissed my neck, then fondled with my b**bs.
“Asim” I called and moved away from him.
“Hey; what’s wrong? Why are you putting on a straight face? Did someone offend you?” He asked but I threw my face away and didn’t say a word.
“Come on, love. Let’s go inside. I’ve missed you so much” he chuckled and licked his lips.
He tried touching me again, but I moved away.
“Asim, listen to me” I started.
“I didn’t come here for this. Actually….I came to pass a very important information to you.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t continue with this relationship anymore. Its…its over between us”.
I saw the spark in his eyes as his jaws dropped.
For a moment, he was speechless and looked confused.
“Na…Naunet?”, he stuttered my name.
“What’re you talking about?”
“I’m serious Asim, please. From now on, don’t try contacting me again. Just stay away and look for someone else. Thanks” I replied and hurried off
Zoey’s Pov:
I walked quietly into the room with Zosar behind me.
He shut the door while I went to sit on the bed.
“How’re you feeling?” He asked and came to sit next to me and I just nodded.
He took in a deep breath and didn’t say anything for a while.
“Zoey…” He called softly.
“I really want to apologize for everything. I’m sorry you…have to be in this mess right now. I’m sorry for the stress you’re going through. Really, I wish there was a way I could stop it”.
“Can’t I just pass the baby to someone?” I asked feebly.
“I mean, the baby was passed onto me, right? Can’t I just do same to someone?”
“Hey, I’ve thought about that as well. But its not possible. You see, the baby was passed onto you because Hathor had magical powers. It can only be done when the mother in question has power to transfer the baby. But you…you’re different. You don’t have any magical powers. So, you can’t do the transfer” he explained and I scoffed and bent my head.
“So…does every single person here have magical powers?” I sniffed and asked and he chuckled.
“Not really. The mystery of powers is a rare thing that flows only among royalties here. It flows in the blood, but sometimes, the next generation might not have it.
“For instance, my grandfather had it, my father don’t, but now, I have it. And its possible this baby might also have it or not. Its more of…luck” he concluded with a chuckle.
“So…you mean the rest of the people here don’t have magical powers?” I asked.
“No; they don’t. Well, maybe few – who are actually magicians.”
“But…how come Hathor had it?”
“Well…Hathor’s different. She was the daughter of a magician – among the few I told you about” he explained and I nodded.
And for the next minute or so, we were both silent.
“Zoey” he called with a sigh.
“Don’t think much on what the healer said. She…”
“What do you mean don’t think much? You heard her, didn’t you? I need to…sleep with someone” I paused and scoffed, fighting back the tears.
“No matter how hard I try to adjust to it, it’s just not fitting in.”
“I know…and I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help”.
I sniffed and looked at him and he was staring back at me. Then, I quickly took my eyes away.
“I…I think I need some rest” I said simply.
“Of…Of course; I’ll leave you to it”. He replied and stood up.
“Just don’t think much about it, okay?” He added and left the room.
As soon as he left, I bent my head and wept.
What sort of angle have I gotten into? Why does this have to happen me, huh?
I laid on the bed to see if I could get some sleep and a piercing pain came hitting at me at the abdomen.
“Hahhh!” I gasped and held my tummy tight and after a few seconds, it subsided.
What the hell was that? Why the strange cramps?
Suddenly, my mind reflected to what the healer had said…
Zosar’s Pov:
I walked tiredly into the room and laid on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.
Gosh! For the first time in a long time, I felt guilty and sorry for someone. I felt so sorry for the pains she was passing through.
She’s too young and pretty for all that – pregnant with someone else’s child and now being asked to have s*x. How’s she going to cope?
I mean…she’s kept herself a v*rgin all these years, how will she cope with the fact of losing it now for something there doesn’t even concern.
I let out a deep sigh.
I really felt so much pity for her.
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and sat up.
“Who’s it?” I asked, feeling disturbed.
“My prince, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the King requests your presence in the throne room” the guard replied, making me grumble.
Why the hell does he want to see me?
“Fine” I muttered and left the bed, going out of the room.
I inserted my hands in my trouser pockets as I approached the throne room and sincerely hoped whatever father had to say wasn’t going to consume much time. I really wanted to be alone.
The guards at the entrance bowed as I walked in and there I met father, mother and…a woman – with Naunet.
I puzzled over the strange appearances as I walked in and stopped in front of the throne.
I looked at Naunet but her eyes were glued to the floor. And the woman beside her – had a strange expression on.
I shrugged off the thoughts and turned to farther.
“Father, you sent for me” I said unruffledly and he adjusted on his seat.
Mother was standing beside him, looking so bittered.
“Zosar” father called.
“Do you know this lady over here?”
He pointed at Naunet and I turned slightly to look at her.
“Yes – she works as a maid, right?” I replied, trying to figure what was happening.
“Good. What’s your relationship with her?” He asked and I had to scoff.
“Um – sorry to ask, father, but why the questions?” I inquired.
“Because this lady over here – claims to be pregnant for you” he replied and I flinched.

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