Pregnant Virgin – Episode 20

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(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 20
By: Faith Lucky
Zosar’s Pov:
I flinched and looked at Naunet. What the hell is she talking about?
She’s…pregnant? For me?
What the hell?
“Is that true?” Father asked, making me more perplexed.
“I…” I paused and scoffed.
“I don’t know anything about it”.
“Well, my prince”, the woman beside her said calmly.
“You won’t know anything about it because we just found out today. My daughter – she told me both of you have had multiple intercourse in the past few months. And this is the result”
“Well, that’s Crazy!” I snarled.
“I…I made it clear to her I didn’t want her getting pregnant for me”.
“Did you use protection on her during the intercourse?” Father asked and I sighed despondently.
“No” I said in a hard voice.
“So, what are you talking about? Obviously, she’s pregnant for you!”
I glared at Naunet, anger eating me up.
That bitch!
“My King” the woman called with a bow, facing the throne.
“I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. But clearly, it’s a mistake by our own children and we need to face it. I can’t let my daughter become a laughing stock. So, I’d request for full royalty rights – for her to stay here in the palace with the prince and…”
“That’s never going to happen!” I cut in raucously.
“First of all, I don’t believe that sh*t of she being pregnant for me. And secondly, I already have a child and don’t need from any body else”.
“Zosar!” Father roared.
“What nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t you think of the consequences while you were having fun with her? What has gotten into you?”
“Let’s go for a test” mum finally said something.
“Let’s confirm if the baby is really his or not. I’m sure you’ and your daughter are okay with that?”
I looked at the woman who exchanged a quick glance with Naunet.
“Of…Of course, my Queen. I’m completely okay with it. At least, it’s going to clear a lot of doubts” she replied.
“Good. Then come with me let’s go to the healer – so she can take a sample of your blood daughter’s blood for the test” Mother said and started walking out, coming towards my direction.
Our eyes met and she gave me a disappointed look as she walked pass me.
Naunet and her so called mother followed her behind.
Oh, Damn it!!
I returned to my room, feeling so angry and mad over everything. I just felt like screaming out.
“Damn it!!” I snarled and kicked the bed.
Why the hell does this have to happen huh? Why does that bitch have to get pregnant for me?
I can’t have someone else pregnant for me – especially not someone like Naunet.
The door opened immediately and I turned to see Rana walking in
What the heck? How does she just barge into my room like that?
Her eyes look swollen and her face pale.
“I want to be alone Rana. Please” I said, depressed.
“Really?” She asked with a scoff and stood in front of me
“I’ve heard the news – the goodnews and I came to congratulate you. Soon, you’re going to be a father of two”.
She laughed dryly and I rolled my eyes.
“Rana, not now…”
“Is this what you want, Zosar?” She asked.
“Do you really derive joy from all these? How can you go around getting everyone pregnant? First, it was Hathor – and now, a maid?” She spoke like she wanted to cry.
“We’ve been together for a long time, Zosar. We’ve known each other for years. I’ve…I’ve given you my body countless times. Yet, you…”
She paused and wept.
“You don’t even care about my feelings. Didn’t you think I’d get hurt from all these? It makes me feel like you’re just using me like a piece of trash”.
“What the hell are you talking about, Rana?” I asked angrily.
“First, you gave your body willingly to me and I made it crystal clear we were both doing it for fun and pleasure and nothing else. So, why the f**k are over making it sound like I used and dumped you??”
And she gasped in disbelief.
“Zosar?” She called, abacked.
“Fun and pleasure? That’s it? You jerk!” She cried and hit my chest.
She backed me for a short time before turning to face me again.
“Well, just so you know, we’re engaged, Zosar! We’re f**king engaged. So, no matter what you do, I’ll be the one you end up with” she whimpered and my brows arched.
Huh? What the hell is she talking about? Who’s engaged?
I stared speechlessly at her and she turned around and left the room.
Zoey’s Pov:
I felt so bored staying all alone in the room and decided to go spend some time with Zosar. I mean, perhaps, he could keep me company since he was the only one I knew around here.
I left my room and found two guards at my door post. Oh! Zosar had told me about it already – about getting some guards for me.
“Are you going somewhere, ma’am?” One of them asked.
“Oh…yes. Um…take me to the prince’s room, please. I haven’t been there before”, I said, a little shy.
“Okay. Come with me” he replied and started leading the way while I followed behind.
I kept gazing around as I walked behind him. The palace was so beautiful.
We met some maids trimming some flowers and they kept staring widely at me.
“I can’t believe two ladies are now pregnant for the prince” I heard one of them say as we walked pass them and my eyes dimmed.
What did she just say?
Two ladies – pregnant for the prince??
Naunet’s Pov:
“It’ll heal up” the healer told me as she placed a leaf on the part of my skin which had been cut.
I just held my hand and didn’t say a word. Mother and the Queen were in the room as well.
“So, when will the result be out?” The Queen asked.
“Well, I’ll start the process now and by tomorrow morning, the results should be out” the healer replied, making my heart skip.
“Okay, then. I’ll be waiting” the Queen told her and suddenly, came closer to me.
“If I find out you’re lying about this; trying to pin someone else’s child on my son, you’ll be dead by tomorrow morning” she stated coldly and walked away.
I looked at mum, tears threatening to drop from my eyes..
What have I gotten myself into?

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