Pregnant Virgin – Episode 22

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 22
By: Faith Lucky
Healer’s Pov:
“You can sit” I offered and she sat on the bed.
“Thank you” she said with a smile while I also sat, facing her.
For a second or two, we were silent.
“Okay. So, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m busy and would very much love to get back to work. So, I’d appreciate it if you tell me why you’re here” I urged her and she smiled.
“Great healer” she adjusted on her seat.
“I just came to give you a little token”
She smiled as she unwrapped the tip of her fabric and brought out a heavy bundle of cash, dropping it in front of me
“Please, great healer, accept this from me” she said soothingly and I stared silently at it.
“A token?”,I asked, without touching it.
“Yes – to appreciate you for the wondrous works you’ve been doing. And…I want you to know that you can get many more than this once my daughter becomes Queen” she said and I became muddled.
“Your daughter?” I asked, confused.
“Yes, great healer. All I want you to do is make the test results positive and I promise you, you’ll never lack in anyway”.
I stayed muted and looked at her.
“So…are you trying to say your daughter’s pregnancy is not for the prince?” I asked inquisitively
“Erm…great healer, actually, my daughter had multiple s*x with the prince. But unfortunately, the sperm of someone else was faster than the prince’s own. So, its one and the same thing. The prince also had s*x with her and partially, the baby also belongs to him”.
I looked at her, tempted to laugh.
“Partially?” I scoffed.
“Yes, healer.
“Erm…I really want this to happen. Please,make it happen. It won’t cost you anything, rather, you get to earn more.
“And…I’ll make sure your secret is safe with me”.
I rose my brows at her.
“What secret?” I asked and she smiled.
“The secret of how you tried to poison the Queen in the past” she replied and I flinched.
How did she know that story?
“What are you talking about? That was in the past. And it was a mistake. I don’t have such intentions towards the Queen anymore” I told her.
“Yes, but the Queen won’t be seeing it as a mistake. I’d advise you think about it carefully, great healer. If you help me, you have nothing at all to lose, but so much to gain. But if you choose to be against me, then you lose everything”. She threatened calmly and I stared at her.
“Are you trying to blackmail me or bribe me?” I asked and she laughed.
“Great healer, I’m just trying to give you two options; one is heavier, and the other lighter. I only want the best for everyone”.
She wiped her dress and stood up.
“Have a nice time” she said and left the room.
Zoey’s Pov’
I sniffed a little as I collected the glass of water from Zosar and gulped it down.
I was seated on the bed and forced myself from crying after the pains had subsided a bit.
“Is there something else you need?” Zosar asked and I shook my head negatively.
He sighed and sat next to me on the bed.
“Zoey” he called after a little pause.
“What do you think about this? You can’t go on with this pains? Its way too early to start experiencing such difficulties before it’s time for delivery”.
I sniffed and looked down at the glass I held.
“I know…” I said lowly.
“But, what do you want me to do? I don’t have any choice”.
He shook his head and for a long time, we were silent.
“I’m sorry – sorry you had to go through these pains because of my baby. I hope you can forgive me”- he spoke tenderly and I just smiled.
“Would you mind going out with me? I mean…just to have a look around the city?” He asked and I looked at him.
“You…want us to go out?” I asked, surprised.
“Yeah – maybe get some ice cream and receive new air. What do you think?”
I bent my head and bit my lip. That sounded more like a date .
“O…Okay…sure. I’m free” I replied and he smiled and stood up.
I sat impatiently in the room when I heard a knock on the door and went to check it out.
I was hoping it was mum. Maybe she was back from the palace with some goodnews.
But when I opened the door, it was Asim.
I looked at him, surprised
“Asim?” I called.
“What are you doing here?”
His eyes looked swollen.
“Naunet, we need to talk” he said bluntly.
I was still standing by the door way and folded my hands. I suddenly had a hint on what he wanted to say.
“What is it, Asim…?”
“Who’s the father of that child?” He cut me off but I couldn’t be any more surprised.
I knew that was what he wanted to say.
“Asim…what are you talking about?” I tried to possum.
“Please Naunet, don’t make this any more difficult than it already is. Who’s the father of that child?”
I took in a deep breath.
“Well, as you must have heard, it belongs to the prince” I replied.
“The prince?” He scoffed.
“And…how am I sure it belongs to the prince? We had countless intimacy, Naunet! How…”
“Well, you weren’t the only one who slept with me, okay? And I’m the mother of this child. So, I sure know the father and if I say it belongs to the prince, don’t argue with me”.
“Naunet! What has gotten into you?”
“Please Asim; this is the reason I broke up with you yesterday. Because I didn’t want to stay in a relationship with someone else’s child. This baby belongs to the prince and that’s final. You better leave before my mother comes back and finds you here. It won’t be funny”. I said and tried closing the door, but he held me back.
“Naunet please” he pleaded, holding my wrist
“I love you. And I promise to give you the life you deserve. If this baby’s mine, don’t pin it someone else”.
For a moment, I was maddened by his words and almost went speechless.
I stared at him for a long time without saying.
“I’m sorry, Asim” I simply muttered and wriggled my wrist from his before shutting the door.
Oh, good saviors!!
Am I doing the right thing?
Zoey’s Pov:
I also got dressed, wearing something very simple and after which, Zosar and I left the palace, making use of a red car.
He didn’t permit any of his guards to accompany us because according to him, he just wanted to us to have an alone time.
I felt so happy as I sat next to him in the car. I felt so happy going out with him and getting to see the other sides of the city. I mean, since I got to this place, the only place I’ve been is in the palace, usually locked up in my room.
But thank goodness it was all about coming to an end now.
“Would you want us to sit out? Or go to an eatery?” Zosar asked as we cruised along the road.
“Yeah – we can sit out. Somewhere cool and nice” I told him and he increased the speed of the car. First, he took me round the city, showing me some really amazing places.
He took me to a museum, Luxor and damn!! Egypt was more like paradise. I saw places I’d never seen in America.
He opened the roof of the car and the sweet breeze kept blowing my hair crazily. We found ourselves talking and laughing.
Finally, he pulled over by the roadside.
“I’ll get the ice cream” he told me and left the car.
I watched from the window as he hurried to the ice cream kiosk.
Oh, my God! You wouldn’t believe the respect he was getting from people. They looked surprised and afraid seeing him there and all went on their knees.
Holy Christ!
He got to the ice cream seller and ordered the ones he needed – two cones of strawberry flavor.
The seller was so scared to even take money from him and he dropped the cash on his table and returned to me in the car.
Wow! He was treated with so much respect.
“Here; hope you like it” he handed one of the cones to me.
“Yeah – thanks” I muttered and he started the car and resumed driving.
I licked from my ice cream as we drove for a very long time and finally stopped in a deserted area
Huh? Where are we?
“Some place we can have peace” he said, as if reading my thoughts.
“I followed him out of the car and had a look around. Hmm. It looked really cool
“Come on” he said and held my hand, then led the way.
Huh?? He was holding my hand! Does he realize that??
I followed him to wherever he was taking me and we finally got to a hill.
Oh! Wow!
I stopped walking, feeling a bit insecured.
The area was so quiet and empty – and coupled with the fact he wanted us to climb the hill.
“Are you scared?” He stopped and asked and I just shook my head.
“Come on; its going to be fine”. He chuckled.
We continued walking until we got to the top and geez! It made me feel like I was flying. I felt so scared.
But on the better side, it was refreshing. The air – the view.
It was breath taking
“Do you like it?” Zosar asked as he stood beside me and I just nodded.
Your ice cream! It getting melted”, he reminded me and I gasped and looked at my hand.
Oh! Sh*t! You won’t believe I actually forgot.
“Thank you” I laughed and licked from it and he did same, licking a little from his.
For a moment, we were silent, just staring into space.
“So…how’s the baby?” He broke the silence and I looked at him.
“Well…” I touched my tummy.
“I think its fine. I…feel heavy and tiny little movements sometimes”,
I felt a little ecstatic about it – the new feeling – it was appreciated.
Zosar smiled and came to face me.
He lifted the tip of my shirt, exposing my tummy. Gosh! It made me cringe a little.
He smiled as he placed his hand on my tummy, like he wanted to feel the baby.
The bump was becoming bigger and my navel was already shooting out.
“If you were Hathor, what would you want this baby to take from me?” He asked and I looked at him, surprised.
I chuckled and lowered my gaze.
“Well…royalty” I replied and he laughed
Of course, it was ridiculous. The baby was already royalty.
“Well…I’d have wanted him to have Hathor’s eyes’ he said wistfully and fred my shirt.
He resumed standing beside me and we didn’t say anything to each other for a while.
“What will you do about it?” He suddenly asked.
“The pains. What if it comes again? It was really awful, right? For how long will you be able to cope with it?”
The question alone made me mad and resurrected the fear in me
“I don’t know” I said under my breath.
“I just didn’t plan on sleeping with anyone anytime soon. I’ve always wanted to have it on my wedding night – with the right person. And that’s the reason I never had a boyfriend while growing up. I didn’t want a situation where by…I’d get used and dumped”. I concluded ruefully.
“Maybe you won’t get dumped” he said after a little silence and I furrowed my brows and looked at him
“I mean…if you stick around, stay here in Egypt, you won’t get dumped” he said with a chuckle, trying to turn jt into a joke.
I scoffed and shook my head.
“I don’t even know anyone. I guess I’m just doomed” I blurted and he turned to face me
“Well…” He lifted his hand to my hair.
“You know me”.
My eyes dimmed immediately
What’s he talking about?
I stared at him speechlessly as his eyes bored into mine. I couldn’t even say a word.
Slowly, he pulled out a strand of my hair and held it with two fingers. I looked at him and wondered what he wanted to do..
He breath on the hair and it left his fingers and started floating.
Oh my God! It was glowing! Bringing out tiny lights.
What? How did he do that?
I looked at it in amusement and laughed. Oh my God! It was incredible and beautiful!
“Do you like it?” He asked as I laughed.
“Of course! Its beautiful” I chuckled.
“Well…I can make more for you”, he shrugged.
And the rest of the time was fun…
Naunet’s Pov:
I stood beside mum in the throne room, feeling so scared
We were standing before the King and Queen, while Zosar also stood few meters away from his parents.
Few minutes later, the healer entered, holding a little box. I shut mum a stare, feeling so scared. She had told me everything was taken care of and I had nothing to fear.
“Good morning, my King.
“Good morning, my Queen. Long live the descendants of the throne” she greeted with a bow.
“Greetings to you healer. Are the results ready?” The king replied and asked.
“Yes, my King”.
“What does it say? Please, we’re eager to know” the Queen chipped in.
She opened the box and brought out a little bottle
Then surprisingly, she faced us.
“First of all,” she began
“I want to start by calling this woman a bitch for trying to blackmail me.”
She pointed at mum.
I noticed mum flinched.
“And secondly, the result is negative. That baby doesn’t belong to the prince”.
Oh, saviors!!

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