Pregnant Virgin – Episode 23

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 23
By: Faith Lucky
Zosar’s Pov:
I looked at the bitch in surprise.
What? So, it was a lie? The baby wasn’t mine??
“You shameless lair!” Mother growled from where she stood.
“How dare you lie to the royal family?”
Naunet’s Pov:
I opened my mouth in shock and couldn’t even think of what to say to close it up..
Finally, I’m dead!
“How dare you think of bringing such abomination to us? Huh???” The Queen roared with anger.
“Great healer, did you just say she tried to blackmail you?” The King asked.
Uncontrollable tears were pouring down my face. What has mother done t me?
“Yes, my king” the healer replied with a bow.
“She tried to blackmail me with a little mistake I had done in the past – a mistake I actually regret..”
“You’re nothing but a disgrace to motherhood” the Queen cut in, taking some steps towards us.
I placed my hand on my head and wept.
“I can’t believe you actually supported your daughter into such evil act”
“My Queen…” Mother tried speaking but was silenced with a slap from the Queen.
Oh, goodness!!
“Don’t mention my name with that treacherous mouth of yours!!” She roared.
“And you” she faced me.
“How could you? Don’t you have any dignity left in you as a lady? How could you be so cheap and desperate?”
I kept my hands on my head and wept.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me” I cried.
Immediately, I started choking terribly.
I held my neck and fell on my knees, coughing uncontrollably
“Naunet!!” Mother called in fright and held my arm.
Oh my God!
I was already coughing out blood.
“That’s enough! Zosar!” I heard the king call and that was when it dawned on me.
It was him – Zosar. He was the one behind it.
“I said that’s enough!!” The king spoke with more efficacy and he stopped – the choking stopped.
Oh, good saviors.
I gasped for air immediately as I tried catching my breath. I felt I couldn’t breath anymore.
Immediately, I felt a hand hold me roughly by the hair and I looked to see it was Zosar.
“If I ever see you anywhere around me…I’ll kill you, I swear” he spat into my face and threw me on the floor before walking out.
Mother rushed to hold me immediately.
“Naunet! Naunet!” She called as I wept on the floor.
“Guards!!” The king called and three guards rushed in.
“Take them away and lock them up without food or water. And make sure they receive no visitors” he commanded.
“Yes, my King” the guards replied and set to work, getting hold of me and mother.
“No! Please, I’m sorry. My mother misled me! Please forgive me!” I cried but neither the king or queen flinched as the guards took us away.
Zoey’s Pov:
I knocked on the door of Zosar’s room and his warm masculine voice answered from inside.
“Come in”.
I took in a deep breath and opened the door and there I met him on the bed, just sitting.
“Zoey.” He called and looked surprised when he saw me.
Its you”.
“Yeah – hi” I said a little shyly, slackening my steps.
He stood up from the bed immediately.
“Is…there a problem?” He asked
“Nah – just bored and felt like spending some time with someone” I replied.
“Oh! Okay, please take a seat”.
I smiled and sat on the bed and he sighed and sat next to me.
“Are you hungry? Is there something you need?” He asked and I shook my head.
“I’m fine”. I replied.
He nodded and didn’t say a word for a while
“Um…are you okay? You look a little depressed” I told him, noticing the strange look on his face.
“Yeah..” He sighed.
“Just disappointed at how cheap some ladies could be. The lady I thought was pregnant for me, I just got to know it was fake. She was pregnant, yes, but the baby was for someone else. And she tried to pin it on me”, he said and I gasped.
Woah…so that news was fake? The maid wasn’t pregnant for him?
Geez! But how could ladies be this cheap and unbelievable?
“Wow!” I mouthed.
“I’m…I’m sorry”
“You shouldn’t be”, he chuckled.
“She’s been taken care of already”.
I smiled and we kept mute.
“How about we get some ice cream? Just like we did yesterday?” He asked and my eyes beamed.
Oh! That was so much fun!!
“Um…okay, sure. If you’re free”,I said with a shrug, feeling so happy.
“Alright. Guess you should get dressed. I’ll wait for you”, he said and I stood up.
“Okay” I smiled and left the room.
Awwwn! It felt so good.
I just hope he makes it as fun as he did yesterday.
A smile was still touching my face as I left the room and unexpectedly, I met the pretty princess – Rana.
She was putting on a long sweet gown and walked with two maids behind her, looking so adorned.
We both stopped walking when we got close.
“Zoey” she called with a smile.
“Um…Good morning” I reciprocated.
“Yeah – you look…happy. Is it because you’re coming out of Zosar’s room?” She asked and I cringed.
Huh? What’s she talking about?
“Does he really make you that happy? I thought the baby was the only connection between you two?”
She paused and chuckled.
“Dear Zoey, I understand the feeling. Zosar’s handsome, royalty, powerful, name it! He’s just everything a lady could ask for and it’s normal for anyone to fall for him. But, my dear, royalty will always belong to royalty”.
“What’re you talking about?” I suddenly chipped in.
“I don’t have anything with Zosar and I spend time with him because he’s the only one I know around here. So, I don’t get your point”.
She smiled and shook her head.
“Have a nice day, Zoey” she stated calmly and walked away and I turned to watch her.
What the hell was that?
I remained standing for a short time but decided to wave it off and proceed to my room.
I touched my tummy as I walked along, feeling the big bump. Gosh! It was gradually becoming so big.
It felt strange to me.
I walked pass the guards at the door post and got into my room and without wasting much time, hurried to the wardrobe to find something soothing to wear.
“Arghhh” I let out a light scream as the cramps came hitting at me.
I winced and held my tummy tight.
Oh, God! Not again – please.
The pains niggled at me and I held onto the wardrobe for support. It was so awful..
Oh, good Lord! I needed to make these pains stop – anytime soon.
I needed to do it – it was becoming unbearable.
I remained in that position for a while, praying it subsides and luckily, it did.
I breathed out a huge sigh of relief and shook my head. It was so painful. God!
Not long after, I heard a knock on the door and wondered who it could be. Was it a maid? But I just finished eating a while ago.
“Who’s it?” I asked, still standing in front of the wardrobe.
“I have a message for you, ma’am Zoey” the masculine voice replied and I decided to go check it out.
It was probably one of the guards.
I opened the door and was surprised to see a strange person in front of me.
The guards were on the floor, seeming to be asleep.
“Zoey…Zosar’s little princess” The strange man in front of me called and I froze.
He let out an ugly smile.
“Wh…Who are you?” I shuddered in fear and he cracked.
“I’m just a messenger, beautiful. My boss will be so happy to have you”.
Immediately, he snapped his fingers and I found myself falling on the floor.
I passed out.

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