Pregnant Virgin – Episode 24

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 24
By: Faith Lucky
Rana’s Pov:
That bitch! I can’t believe she feels so happy spending time with Zosar. So, she thinks carrying his child is enough reason to be close to him and win his heart, huh? She should keep dreaming.
I got to Zosar’s room and knocked on it and he ushered me in.
I smiled as I walked in and met him In front of the mirror, fixing his buttons.
Huh? Is he going out?
I let out a light smile as I went to stand behind him.
“Zosar” I called tenderly.
“What do you want, Rana? I’m busy” he said coldly, making me flinch
“Zosar…why the cold treatment?” I asked but he didn’t say a word and I sighed
“Anyway, I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. Sorry for…raising my voice on you. I’m really glad now I’ve gotten to know that lady was never pregnant for you. I’m sorry,okay?” I apologized, but he didn’t say a word.
I let him finish with his buttons,then he turned to face me
“I’ve heard you. Apology accepted” he said icily.
“But let’s be clear on one thing, Rana. Simply because I have s*x with you doesn’t make you anything to me. We’re just friends and you’ve said it before. But just in case you feel I used and dumped you, then I want you to know I’m sorry because truly Rana, I see you as nothing but a friend”.
Tears threatened to drop from my eyes as I stared into his. I felt my heart tearing up. His words alone tore me apart.
How can he say such a thing to me?
I sought for what to say but couldn’t and he left me and went to take his phone from the bed.
Suddenly, a heavy knock on the door alerted us and I sniffed and fought back the tears.
“Who’s it?” Zosar asked, looking at the door.
“My prince, there’s a matter of urgency” the guard replied in deep breaths and it was obvious something was wrong.
Zosar quickly left to open the door.
“What is it?”, he asked.
“My prince, Zoey has been kidnapped” the guard said.
Zosar’s Pov:
I flinched as I faced the guard. What the f**k is he talking about?
“Kidnapped?” I asked,confused
“By who?”
“We don’t know. Someone just showed up – a magician. He made us go into a deep sleep and by the time we had woken up, Zoey wasn’t in the room anymore. Instead, we saw this note on the floor. ”
He stretched out a piece of paper to me and I collected it and read:
*Hi charming prince..
Hope you’re good?
Courtesy of Ebonee*
I groaned and squeezed the paper in my hand.
“Damn it!!” I growled and kicked the door.
“Where the f*”k were you when this happened?” I turned to the dumb guards standing in front of me.
“We’re sorry, my prince. He made us go into a deep sleep…”
“And that’s because you’re a fool!!” I rasped and punched him in the face.
Damn it!!
Zoey’s Pov:
I awoken from my very deep sleep and found myself lying on a cold floor.
I released a light groan and struggled to sit up, feeling light – headed.
I looked around and noticed I was in a strange room – different from the one I had in the palace. Where am I?
Then, I recalled what had happened a while ago – a strange man showing up at my door step and making me pass out.
Oh my God!
Conniption suddenly gripped me.
I tried to move, but noticed my hands were tied.
“Hello?” I called out, my voice wavering.
“Is anyone there?”
“Finally” I heard someone say from behind.
“She’s awake”.
I tried to have a look, but couldn’t since I was tied and whoever it was came up and stood in front of me.
Oh, my God!
It was a boy – a young boy – and he looked extremely handsome.
But who’s he? And what am I doing here?
“Hi Zoey”, he called with a smile and squatted in front of me.
“How’re you doing?” He asked, but I couldn’t say a word.
“Sorry, I’d have given you a handshake, but…your hands are tied.
“Well, you can just call me Ebonee. Nice meeting you, by the way” he smiled.
“What do you want?” I shuddered.
“What am I doing here? What do you want with me?”
“Well… You’re the key to everything I need. And right now, I need your blood “, he replied and brought out a syringe from his pocket.
I flinched as he brought it close to me and drove it into my neck.
“Arghhhh!”, I shut my eyes and yelped in pains.
Oh my God! What’s he doing???
He drew my blood into the syringe before bringing it out.
I gasped as I finally got relieved of the pains. Oh my God!
What’s going on?
“What are you doing to me?” I asked fearfully and he looked at the syringe and smiled.
“Let’s see how far Zosar is willing to go to save you” he stated and stood up, walking away.
Holy Christ! What does he mean by that? What’s going on?

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