Pregnant Virgin – Episode 25

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 25
By: Faith Lucky
Zoey’s Pov:
I sat on the floor, feeling so weak and tired.
Oh, God! My waist was hurting like hell.
The strange boy – Ebonee – was nowhere in the room again and I had no idea what he was doing or why he tied me in here.
What have I done to deserve this? Am I the first person to get pregnant on earth? Or is it because I got pregnant for a prince??
The ropes were hurting my hands.
I leaned my head on the wall where I was tied and tried getting some sleep. But, just then, the heavy cramps came hitting at me again and I screamed lightly.
“Oh my God!” I muttered in pains, tears threatening to drop from my eyes.
I shut my eyes tight, trying to take in the pains and just then,I heard footsteps and forced my eyes open.
It was him – Ebonee.
The pains were much and I couldn’t even fake a good countenance in front of him. The least I could do was try not to whimper.
He came to where I was and dropped to a crouch in front of me.
“Is it the baby?” He asked calmly, looking into my face.
I didn’t say a word and he placed his hand on my tummy, making me uneasy.
“I heard you’re a pregnant virgin” he said.
“Your pelvic is damn tight, right? Zosar hasnt been man enough to do the job, huh? Probably, you should need some help”
He smirked and brought out a syringe from his pocket.
“No…please” I said weakly, but he injected me with it and I passed out.
I didn’t know how long it was, but I opened my eyes after a while and found myself lying on the bed.
My joints were hurting like hell.
I tried sitting up but noticed my hands were tied – on both sides of the bed.
I flinched in fear.
“Hello, sleeping beauty” I heard the familiar voice and turned to see him – Ebonee.
He was facing a table in the room. What’s he doing?
“Wh…Why did you bring me here?” I asked fearfully and he turned to face me.
“I just want to be of help. I have no bad intentions” he smiled and started coming towards me.
I tried moving away, but couldn’t as a result of the ropes.
No, please. Don’t tell me.
He stopped and took off his shirt, then climbed the bed to meet me.
“Stay away from me” I said helplessly, wishing there was a way I could just run away.
He chuckled and got hold of my legs.
“You should be thanking me, you know?”
He drew me by the legs, making me bounce my head on the bed.
“No, please! Stop it! Please! Get away from me”,I wept, unable to control my tears..
The worst part was, I couldn’t even use my hands.
He spread my legs apart and came in between, lifting his hands to my tummy upwards.
He bit my nipples from outside and I screamed.
“Please stop it! Please!!” I sobbed, feeling ruined.
I couldn’t just lose my v**ginity like this – to an evil stranger.
Even if I was bound to break it, it shouldn’t be like this – to someone like him.
God, please!!
He tore my shirt, exposing my b*a and I screamed even louder
“Shut the f**k up!!” He rasped and landed a slap on my face, making my hair ruffled.
I winced as he pulled down my b*a forcefully and took one of my b**bs into his mouth.
Oh God!
It brought me a wild feeling – but I felt so much pains and couldn’t even enjoy it.
He reached for my zipper and started bringing it down and I cried all I could like a baby.
I couldn’t let this happen to me. I couldn’t lose my dignity in such a shameful way. I couldn’t!
“Just stop it, please! I beg you!!”
He zipped it down and set out on bringing down the trouser and just then, his phone started ringing and he paused
He exhaled deeply as he brought out the phone from his pocket and a smile crept into his face.
I was still whimpering.
“Seems someone’s missing you already” he said and left me, picking the call while I watched tearfully.
Zosar’s Pov:
I fisted my hand as I awaited the animal to pick up the call. All I felt was anger and revenge.
☎Hello, prince” his ugly voice came into my ears as soon as he picked up..
Mum and Rana were standing behind me.
☎you animal…Where’s she? Where the f**k is she?” I asked angrily and he chuckled.
☎She’s safe with me, Zosar. You don’t have to panic. As a matter of fact, you just interrupted a very sweet moment. I was trying to…be the hymen – breaker before you called.”
My eyes widened in disbelief.
☎You won’t even dare” I shook my head.
☎Oh, really? Maybe, you should hear this for yourself”.
I boiled in anger as he took the phone closer to Zoey and her whimpering voice came up
Damn it!
☎How was that, Zosar?” He asked, taking the phone away from her.
I held the table and didn’t say a word.
“I know you must be wondering why you’ve been unable to trace her. Ahh! But you’re smart and I’m pretty sure you already know I’ve made it impossible for you to track her. Sorry, Zosar.”
☎if you lay your hands on her, I swear with my life, I’ll kill you” I spoke feebly and he sniggered.
☎Really? I’d love to see you try. I’m giving you an hour to meet my demands, Zosar. Just an hour. I want you to give your birthright and position of the crowned prince to me. Go to the temple, swear and stamp it and you’ll have your beloved baby mama back. But if you don’t, I’ll kill them both” he stated and dropped the call and mom shirked.

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