Pregnant Virgin – Episode 26

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pregnant virgin stories


pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 26
By: Faith Lucky
Zoey’s Pov:
I panicked as he ended the call and turned to face me.
Oh my God! Please, tell me this is a dream. He wasn’t talking to Zosar, was he? He can’t possibly ask him to give up his birthright!
No, please! No!
He started coming towards me on the bed and I flinched. Please, don’t tell me he’s going to do it. Please, God just stop him.
He smiled as he crawled into the bed and came in between my legs.
“Stop it, please” I begged and he smiled and kissed my neck.
“Zosar said he’s gonna kill me if I f**k you” he whispered into my ears.
“I really wanna see how true his threat is”.
“No! Don’t! I beg you, please!”,I cried, my breath wavering.
He chuckled and s**ked from my nipple..
“You’re so sweet”, he moaned and moved to the next nipple.
I groaned and tried shaking him off, but couldn’t. There was nothing I could do.
“Please, I beg you in God’s name; don’t do this to me. Please” I cried more.
I wouldn’t be able to get over trauma of being raped.
Suddenly, he stopped but still remained lying between my legs.
“Maybe I should just give you the grace after all. If Zosar meets my demands, I’ll let you go. But, if he chooses to prove stubborn, I’ll f**k you till you die” he said grumpily and with that, untied me.
Oh my God!
I gasped in relief as the thought dawned on me.
He didn’t do it.
Oh my God!! He didn’t do it!!
He fred me from the ropes
and dragged me up roughly, ignoring the fact that I was weak.
I kept whimpering as he took me along, my whole world crumpling.
Suddenly, I took a brave crazy step.
Using all the strength I could, I hit him hard on the tummy with my elbow and he groaned a little and shifted back.
As soon as I noticed he wasn’t holding me anymore, I started running away.
But being weak and all, he caught up with me and gripped me by the hajr.
“Let me go!!” I screamed and lifted an empty bottle beside me to hit him, but he was fast enough and pushed it away, making it crash on the floor.
“You bitch!!”, he snarled and gave me a thunderous slap which flew me to the floor.
“Arghhhh” I shrieked as I landed on the floor, hitting my waist badly.
He came to me and held my neck, choking me terribly. My lips were bleeding.
“You wanna play smart, huh? You really wanna play smart??”, he yelled into my face and punched my tummy
“No!!! Please!!” I cried bitterly as I felt excruciating pains.
Oh my God! It hurts!
“Do you really want me to kill you even before Zosar meets my demands? Huh??” He nagged.
“No! I’m sorry,,please! I’m sorry” I wept like a baby,,just wanting him to stop .
“Come here!” He said coldly and dragged me up by the hair, taking me away.
I kept crying, making sure he doesn’t see the piece of glass I had hidden with me.
Zosar’s Pov:
“Zosar, Zosar, what are you doing?” Mum asked after me as I walked into the room to grab my car keys.
“What does it look like, mum? You heard what he said! He’s going to kill Zoey if I don’t meet his demands” I said without looking at her.
“So, what? You’re just going to give up your birth right to a total stranger without a second thought? What’s wrong with you?” She rasped.
“I don’t care, mum! I need to save her. She needs me; my baby needs me!”
“Use your head, Zosar! And not your feelings! How can you possibly give up the position of a crowned prince to a nobody? How???
“You’re still very young and will definitely have more kids. You can’t just…”
“So, you want me to sit back and let an innocent lady die? Isn’t it bad enough she got into this mess by carrying someone else’s child? And now you want her to die?”
“Well, why not sit back and let the guards do their job? We’ve sent them already and your father’s warned you to stay back…”
“I’m sorry mum, but I can’t just sit back and do nothing, knowing time’s not on my side. I’m sorry”.
I nabbed my keys and turned to leave the room
“Zosar, I’m ordering you as your mother not to go”. She said and I paused, but didn’t turn to look at her.
“I’m sorry”, I simply muttered and left the room.
I got outside and met six guards at the doorpost.
“My prince, I’m sorry, but your father has ordered us to keep you in your room”, the head among them said and I scoffed.
“Get out of my way. I won’t say it again” I warned.
“I’m sorry, but the King…”
“I said leave!” I said raucously with my eyes flashing red and they fell on their knees, coughing out blood.
I walked pass them, headed to one of my cars.
I just couldn’t think straight at that moment as the only thought on my mind was getting Zoey away from Ebonee.
I just needed to save her and my baby and I’m ready to do anything.
I got to my black jeep and took the driver’s seat and as I ignited the car, a question rested on my mind:
Am I doing this for my baby?
Or for Zoey?

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