Pregnant Virgin – Episode 27

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 27
By: Faith Lucky
Rana’s Pov:
I wept in the room where I stood, the Queen unable to console me.
“Rana…” She called again and placed her hand on my shoulders.
“Crying won’t solve a thing. You need to stop this”.
“How, mother? How?”,I sobbed.
“Zosar’s giving up his birthright without a second thought for a total stranger and you expect me to be happy? Can’t you see it, mother? Isn’t it evident enough? Zosar is in love with that lady and he’s ready to do anything at all just to save her! Can’t you see!”
I looked away and wept more bitterly and she sighed.
“I’m sure he’s only concerned about her because she’s carrying his child. Trust me Rana, the guards are on their way to get him and as soon as he’s back, you two are getting married immediately” she assured me, giving me a little ray of hope.
Zoey’s Pov:
He took me back to the room where I was locked up and tied me up with the ropes
Gosh! They were hurting like hell.
I made sure to fist my hand and hide the piece of glass properly because that was my only hope at the moment
“I’ll come back for you” he held my cheeks and said, then released a light smile before walking away.
I breathed heavily and relaxed my head on the wall, trying to calm my anxiety. Gosh! My whole body was trembling – recalling how he almost raped me.
What would I have done if he had succeeded?
I stood still for a long time and when I figured it was long enough and didn’t hear or notice any movement from him, I decided to make use of the glass.
Please, I just hope he doesn’t come out anytime soon.
I set the glass against the rope and started cutting it.
It was so blunt and difficult, but I had to give it a try.
I continued doing it and in the process, I sustained a little cut on my wrist. Geez!
I still went on and after a long trail, I was able to do it! I did it!
I cut the ropes! Oh my God!
I gasped in shock and quickly removed every bit of it, then stood on my feet.
I looked around, my heart beating so fast. And realizing I was free, I tip-toed to the door, opened it carefully, then ran out.
I was so tired and weak but couldn’t give up. I continued running as fast as my legs could carry me, but not long after, I heard him call from behind.
I turned in shock and saw him standing behind me.
Oh my God!
“You bitch! Get back here!!!” He cursed and I turned around and continued running, feeling so uneasy because of my waist.
God! Where am I?
I couldn’t see any cars or buildings, just trees and bushes by the sides of the road, making me so scared
I got so tired of running as a result of my waist and just then, I heard a coming behind me.
I looked and discovered he was the one.
Oh my God!!
My feet had already become weak and I couldn’t run faster anymore.
Soon, his car got to where I was and he rushed out of the car and started towards me.
No, no, please! Don’t let him get to me. Please!
I continued running vainly, going into the bushes, but he got me and pulled me back by the hair.
“You animal!” He snarled as he turned me to face him and landed a slap on my face.
“No!! Let me go!!” I cried and he slapped me again and pushed me roughly to the floor.
Oh my God!
“Stop it, please!” I begged, my hand on my tummy.
“You wanna ruin my plans, huh?” He barked.
“You think you can ruin me! Are you so desperate to die??”
He came to me on the floor and slapped me again.
“Do you know how long I’ve been planning for this?” He asked, holding my neck.
“I’ve been planning this for such a long time and you think you can ruin it with your stupid bravery? Huh???”
“N…No” I struggled to say, already choking.
“You have just a few minutes later…and I’ll give you the death you desire”. He grunted and I flinched when I saw blood rushing out of his nostrils.
He didn’t seem to notice it, not until they rushed down to his lips and he started coughing.
He coughed so profusely that his hands fell from my neck.
What’s happening to him?
“I’ll make sure you die before carrying out that threat” I heard Zosar say and turned in shock to see him coming in.
Oh my God!!
I gasped and crawled back as he walked in and gripped Ebonee by the collars.
He looked so furious. How did he find me?
“How dare you lay your hands on her?” He asked and punched him and he landed back on the floor.
He was still coughing and bleeding and was to weak to fight back.
“You…” He tried to say but ended up releasing loads of blood.
Oh my God!!!
I held my tummy tight and recoiled in horror. I almost felt like puking.
Zosar kicked him in the face and I shrieked.
“Pl…ease”, he managed to beg and Zosar crouched in front of him.
“In your next life, don’t mess with what’s mine”, he stated coldly and stood up, taking his eyes to me.
I whimpered in fright, unable to move.
“Hey, Zoey..” He cooed and rushed to me and I stood on my feet and jumped on him, hugging him tight.
I felt so scared and just needed to hold someone.
“Please, take me away from here”, I wavered.
“It’s okay; you’re fine now – I promise” he said gently and rubbed my back.

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