Pregnant Virgin – Episode 28

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 28
By: Faith Lucky
Zoey’s Pov:
I shivered as I sat next to Zosar in the car. I just couldn’t get the whole thing off my mind.
He kept stealing glances at me and reassuring me everything was gonna be fine. But, I still felt so scared.
Maybe its because it’s actually my first time watching someone die.
Yes – Ebonee couldn’t survive the attack.
We drove into the palace gate and his mum, Rana and some guards were already at the facade – waiting.
He found a place to park and as soon as we stepped out, Rana was the first person to run to him.
“Zosar!” She called in a deep relief and embraced him
“Oh, thank the saviors! You’re back!”
“Yeah…I’m fine – thanks” he replied and pulled away from the hug.
His mum kept staring.
“I…I was so worried about you” she added but Zosar didn’t say a word as he held my hand and started walking away with me.
We got to where his mother was and stopped.
“Finally. You’re home. You didn’t give up your birth right?” She asked, rather dolefully and he shook his head.
Hold on; was he really going to give up his birth right?
“I’m glad you’re home” she added and embraced him.
“Thank you, mother” he said after the hug and we proceeded.
Naunet’s Pov:
I knocked slowly on the door, feeling so unsure of myself.
I felt like a complete mess. And right now, He’s my only hope.
Mother and I just got released from the dungeon and this was the first place that came to my mind.
I knocked again and this time around, heard his voice.
“Who’s it?” He asked and opened the door and my nervousness doubled.
He scoffed.
“Naunet?” He called in surprise, still holding the door.
“Asim..” I called faintly
“Wh…What’re you doing here?”
I bent my head and plaint.
“Asim, I…I wanted to speak with you” I muttered.
“Why? Shouldn’t you be with your prince?” He snapped.
“Asim please, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything that happened – sorry for leaving you in such manner. The truth Is, I love you very much. And you’re the father of my child. Please Asim, forgive me” I pleaded pathetically.
“Really?”, he scoffed.
“Are you being serious, Naunet? you told me to my face that I wasn’t with the father of your child and bluntly told me to stay away from you.
“So..after being rejected by your beloved prince,you decided to come to me as your second option? Huh? Do you really take me for a fool?”
“Asim please” I went on my knees immediately in tears.
“I know I’ve wronged you. It’s the most foolish thing I’ve ever done in my life – trying to pin your pregnancy on someone else. Please, forgive me. I was only being misled by my mother. Please Asim, I beg you; for the sake of what we’ve shared, forgive me, please” I cried and for a moment, he was silent.
“Listen to me, Naunet. Its completely pointless begging me because I don’t think I’ll be able to live with the same lady who betrayed me and tried to give my baby to someone else. If Zosar hadn’t gotten to know you were lying about the pregnancy, you’d still be with him, right? You’d have given birth to this baby and let him bear his name. Right?” He asked and I bent my head and wept more.
“I loved you Naunet, but you destroyed that love. You’re only here because you got rejected by the prince. And now, I don’t ever want to see you anywhere around me – ever again!”
And with that, he walked in and shut the door while I remained hopeless on the floor.
I’m doomed.
Zoey’s Pov:
I stood in front of the wall mirror in the bathroom, trying to absorb the pains.
They were crazy and I could hardly take it. I was trying all I could not to scream because Zosar was in the room.
After a while, the pains subsided and I took in a deep breath, washed my hands and returned to the room.
He was operating his phone
“Done?” He asked and I nodded and went to sit next to him on the bed.
He locked the phone and dropped it beside him.
“Do you need something else? Anything at all?” He asked.
“No, I’m fine” I replied quickly
Huh? How could I possibly need something after all the food and fruits he made me eat?
We remained silent for a short while.
“Zoey..” He called, breaking the silence and I looked at him.
“While you were with him – Ebonee – did he by any means force himself on you?”
“No, no, he didn’t” I replied and he nodded in satisfaction.
“Okay; I…think I should leave you to rest now. I’ll come check up on you later” he said as he stood up and my heart leapt.
The thought kept niggling at me.
Oh! Zoey, you need to do this now.
He looked at me for a while, probably expecting me to say something, but I couldn’t.
“Bye” he added and started towards the door, but I stopped him.
“Wait!” I called and he turned to look at me.
Slowly, I stood up.
I felt my heart racing, my head spinning.
“Zoey?” He called.
“Is there a problem?”
I gulped nervously before looking up at him.
“Can…Can you do it? What the healer said?” I asked and he stood properly to face me, his eyes gleaming.
“You…You mean?” He asked and looked down at my legs and I nodded quickly.
It sent new shivers down my spine.
“Uh…well, yes. If you want to” he replied, his voice sounding a little dry.
All I felt was anxiety and prayed I wasn’t entirely shaky.
“I’m…I’m ready” I finally said.

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