Pregnant Virgin – Episode 29

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 29
By: Faith Lucky
Zoey’s Pov:
I couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eyes after saying those words. I couldn’t even believe I said them myself.
I mean, I never thought a day would come when I’d have to ask a guy for s*x. A guy who doesn’t even love me.
He came closer and held my hands.
“Are you sure?” He asked and I just nodded without looking at him.
“Okay – come on:” he said softly and led me to the bed.
He made me sit on it first before pushing me further into it. I swear, I could hear the sound of my heartbeat clear and obvious.
“Should I…just make it fast?” He asked and my heart popped out of my chest.
Gosh! Everything made me nervous at that point.
All I did was nod.
I didn’t even realize I should’ve taken off my clothes.
He brought his hand to my shirt and that was when it occurred to me.
“I’ll do it” I quickly said, not wanting a guy to strip me himself.
He moved away, taking off his own clothes while I did mine.
Oh God! This is really happening!
It wasn’t a joke.
I took off my shirt and my trouser and found it difficult taking off my p*nt and b*a.
Gosh! I just couldn’t do it! I couldn’t.
I bent my head in shame and Zosar came to me, having just his boxers on.
Oh, good lord!
“I’ll help you with it” he said in what seemed like a whisper and took his hands to my back.
His cold hands touching my bare back alone made me shiver and immediately, I felt him unhook my b*a.
I gasped a little as It fell off my chest, exposing my moderate pointed b**bs.
He took it off completely and threw it on the floor. Then, made me to lie afterwards.
I stared at the ceiling, trying not to think about it. But, not until I felt him touch my thighs.
He moved his hand to my p*nt and I almost winced.
He held the tip and started pulling it down and I couldn’t help but twitch. I was gonna be stark n**ed before him.
Oh! Zoey
He pulled the p*nt down to my knee level and finally took it off and i didn’t panic compared to how I did when I saw him take off his shorts. That was when the real horse racing began .
I tried not to look at him, not wanting to see his size and slowly, he crept in between my legs.
“I can stop if you want me to” he said in a warm breath, making me hyperventilate.
I shook my head.
“Don’t stop” I said, taking a lot of efforts.
And immediately, he pushed a finger into my v.
“Oh my God!!” I clutched him tight and gasp.
Oh my God! What the hell was that?
He rested his head on my chest as he moved the finger again and I released a light scream and tried moving back, but couldn’t.
Gosh! It was hurting like hell.
He started moving the finger in and out of me, making me breath heavily.
“Oh my God…”
I moaned helplessly and without a warning, he made it two fingers.
“Ahh” I gasped a little louder and almost pierced him with my nails.
It was so tight and painful.
“Sorry…” He muttered and took one of my nipples into his mouth.
Oh goodness!
He resumed fingering me with the two fingers while s**king from my b**bs and the feeling almost ran me mad.
He fingered me for a long time before slipping out the fingers.
“You’re so tight” he said as I felt his erection touch my thighs.
“This will hurt”.
I felt him rub his d**k on my v and I almost begged him to stop. Gosh! I was so scared.
He placed his left hand on my hair, then used his right to control his d**k.
I couldn’t believe I was going to do this – have s*x with a prince who doesn’t even know me.
I had to fold my lips to stop them from shaking and slowly, I felt him push himself into me
“Wait!” I screamed unconsciously, my hands on his chest.
Oh my God! What’s happening?
He held my laps and forced himself deeper into me and I found myself screaming.
“Oh my God! Wait! Please…
I felt him reach the depth of me and he stopped when he noticed I couldn’t take anymore of his size.
“I’m sorry” he whispered and started thrusting in and out, gently.
“No…Please” I cried and held on tight to the bedsheets as he bounced into me.
“Ahhhh! You’re hurting me!” I screamed when I felt the extreme pains – the cut.
It was something I’d never experienced.
He didn’t stop but continued, not minding the blood and my tears.
He kept pushing and moving deeper until my cries turned into moans – painful moans.
I kept my eyes shut the whole time.
“It hurts…” I grunted
“Oh my….God!
My b**bs started bouncing as he increased his pace.
Gosh! He was gradually pushing his entire size into me.
I left the bedsheets and held him instead, hugging him tight to myself.
I just didn’t know what to do to make me feel better.
He moaned in my ears as he made my v full and making me feel he was tearing it up.
Our hips flapped as they met each other. All I felt was complete hotness in my p****
Gosh! He was moving too fast.
Even my moans increased in rhythm to his speed.
His head was on my shoulders so, he didn’t even look at me.
He continued drilling me
“Oh my God!!!
I whimpered as he damaged me. I tried pushing him away, but couldn’t. I couldn’t even lift his arm.
He just had me pinned to the bed and continued what he was doing.
Oh my God!
I felt caged and couldn’t escape from it.
He moaned into my ears in deep breath.
“Zosar…Stop it, please…” I sobbed and finally he stopped moving and pulled out.
Oh my God!!
Oh goodness!
I exhaled weakly as he fell beside me on the bed. I quickly wiped the tears on my face.
“Hey…” He called calmly and lifted the duvet to cover us properly.
I turned and laid to back him.
“How’re you feeling?” He asked from behind and I just shook my head.
Gosh! I felt so weak and ashamed.
More tears came running down my eyes.
“I’m sorry for causing you such pain” he stated calmly and that was the last I heard as I slept off.
I was no longer a v**gin.
Zosar’s Pov:
She couldn’t even say a word and it made me feel so much pity for her.
Damn it! I can’t believe I almost lost control and damaged her. What was I even thinking?
Thank goodness I was able to stop myself in time.
I covered her properly with the duvet and laid afterwards, facing the ceiling.
I couldn’t believe she actually gave her v to me – all because of a baby she didn’t conceive.
Well, she had to. I knew she was passing through so much pains because of it. I just felt bad because it’s not even her child yet she had to make such sacrifices.
I wish I could take her pains away, or make up for what she’s gone through. I wish I could do something to make her happy and feel important.
I wish…
I woke up and found her still sleeping on the bed. Gosh! Why was she sleeping this much?
I sat up and watched her for a while, still feeling bad. I could feel her hurt.
I sighed and left the bed, putting on my clothes and just then, a knock came up on the door.
I looked at Zoey and didn’t want to interrupt her sleep. So, I quietly went to the door to check it out. It was one of the guards.
“My prince” he called with a bow
“What is it?” I asked lowly.
“I’m actually here for you, my prince. I’ve been looking all over for you and decided to check in here. Your father wants you in the throne room. Its urgent” he replied and I sighed.
Geez! This early?
“Fine. I’ll be there shortly” I told him and he bowed and left.
I shut the door and looked at Zoey – she was still sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb her.
Perhaps, I should just go and let her be. So, by the time I return, she’d have been awake.
I concluded and left the room.
The guards and maids kept bowing to me as I walked pass them, maintaining a straight face to the throne room.
Why’s father calling for me? I just hope it isn’t something that’d piss me off.
I got to the entrance and walked in and there found him on the throne, with mum and Rana in the room as well.
I noticed Rana was smiling.
“Good morning, mother” I greeted when I got to where she was.
“Good morning, handsome” she smiled and touched my cheeks and I went to stand in front of father.
“Good morning, father” I said with a bow.
“Zosar” he called in his usual superiority.
“How was your night?”
“It was fine. Thanks” I replied and he sighed and adjusted on his seat
“Well, I must say I’m surprised and greatly offended” he began.
“First, you defiled my orders by refusing to stay in the palace and going out to give your birth right to a total stranger without a second thought.
“And secondly, when you returned, you couldn’t even come to see me and explain yourself or anything. What has gotten into you?”
I clicked my tongue and bowed.
“I’m sorry father. I just needed to do what was right to save my child. And I’m also sorry for not coming to see you. I got hooked up with something. Please, forgive me”.
He kept mute for a while, then took in a deep breath.
“Well”,he continued.
“I’ll let that pass. But now, I’ve got a special announcement for you”.
I lifted my eyes to look at him.
What announcement?
“I want you to get ready because you’ll be getting married to Rana tomorrow” he released the bomb shell and I felt my head spin.

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