Pregnant Virgin – Episode 30

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(Pregnant for a prince)
Episode 30
By: Faith Lucky
Zosar’s Pov:
I scoffed and looked at Rana who was unavoidably smiling.
“Married?” I repeated with a cringe, finding the whole thing abstruse.
“Yes, Zosar. Both of you are getting married. So, I’d want you to make preparations and the royal house are already on it. Despite the short notice, its going to be a blast” he enthused.
What the f**k?
This can’t possibly happen. I can’t get married.
I looked at mother and obviously, she was happy. Then, I turned back to father.
“Can I have a word with you, father? In private” I demanded, keeping my gaze low.
“Leave us” he said, referring to mother and Rana and they left immediately.
“What’s this about, Father?” I asked as soon as we were alone.
“Why do you want me to get married to Rana?”
“It has always been destined to happen, Zosar. We were just waiting for the right time to tell you” he replied, making me more confused.
So, Rana was right all along?
“You shouldn’t be finding it difficult getting married to her, Zosar” he continued.
“I mean, Rana’s a princess, she’s beautiful, lovely, courteous, name it! She’s a perfect wife material. So, you shouldn’t even feel resentful”.
“Well, I don’t like her!” I said coldly.
“She might be pretty and all, but I don’t like her, father. I have my own choice”.
“Listen to me Zosar, this isn’t a situation where you have to say no. This marriage is meant to fuel the relationship between both kingdoms and just so you know, Rana has told her father how you’ve had s*x countless times with her. She made it look like you’ve been using her and you know King Rowan – he doesn’t take sh*t from anyone who messes with his children. So, he wants you to take responsibility for what happened. This marriage has to happen”
“Rana and I are just friends! And the s*x part…damn it! I never used force on her – not for once! She gave it to me willingly, father, and we both agreed on no mutual feelings attached. So, she has no right to pin that on me”.
“Zosar!!” He called authoritatively.
“Enough of this argument. You’re getting married to Rana and that’s final! The preparations are already on and King Rowan and his family will be arriving here tonight. You’re dismissed”.
I looked at him for a long time without saying a word. My entire system burning.
Then, I turned around and left.
Zoey’s Pov:
I tossed and stretched on the bed before opening my eyes – finally.
Hmm! What a long nice sleep.
I sat up, holding the duvet to my chest and the memories of last night came flashing into my head.
Oh my God!
My v**ginity was gone! I couldn’t believe I was really deflowered! Geez!
I looked at the bed and saw the stain. The pains were there as well – right between my legs.
Ouch! It hurt so bad. I just never thought of losing my innocence anytime soon.
Using the duvet as a cover, I left the bed and went into the bathroom so I could bath and change. My p*** felt damaged.
I got in, dropped the duvet on the floor and turned on the shower.
Hmm. Just what I needed – a cool bath.
I ran the soap around my body and washed my skin and as I did, I couldn’t help but recall Zosar’s touch on me last night. The feelings were still fresh and made me feel they were happening that very instance.
I recalled his breath, his maons, penetration and all – He’s the first guy to ever do all that to me and I guess that’s the reason I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Although, I wouldn’t deny the fact that I felt so ashamed.
After a while, I finished bathing and wrapped a towel around my waist.
I made for the door and was about opening it when I heard some voices in the room – seeming to be the maids.
Huh? Maybe they’re cleaning up the room or so
I was about opening the door when I heard something that froze me.
“Princess Rana is so lucky” one of them said.
“I can’t believe she’s getting married to the prince tomorrow”.
My hand fell from the hinges of the door immediately.
What’s she saying!
Zosar’s getting married tomorrow??

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