Pregnant Virgin – Episode 32

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 32

By: Faith Lucky

Rana’s Pov:
“Rana, come on! That’s enough” the queen consoled me as I sat on the bed, crying out my eyes.

“Enough of the tears already. It won’t solve anything. Your father’s here. Do you really want him to see you crying, huh?”

“You don’t understand” I shook my head in tears.
“Zosar called me a bitch. He told me to my face that he hated me and will never love me even if we get married. He despises me, mother. And you expect me to be happy?”

“Rana please, I’ll…I’ll talk to him. I’m sure he doesn’t mean those words. He’s just being angry and all that. You should understand him”.

I ignored her and continued crying. I just couldn’t help it as his hurtful words kept replaying in my head. Gosh! They tore me apart!


“Do you love Zosar?” She suddenly asked, her hand on my shoulder.

“Of course, you know I do. That shouldn’t even be a question” I replied with sniffs and she smiled.

“Then, why are you being worried?? You’re getting married to him tomorrow and believe it or not, he’ll definitely fall in love with you. I know my son – He’s just acting this way because its sudden. But he really loves you. Okay?” She enthused but I didn’t say a word.

“Come on, now. Your father’s waiting to see you. Clean up your tears, please.”

And I dried my face and followed her out of the room.
Zoey’s Pov:
I laid upwards on the bed, staring at the ceiling..

It was evening already and the thought kept ringing in my head. Zosar was getting married tomorrow morning.

Shortly, I heard a knock on the door and felt disturbed.

“Who’s it?” I asked, sitting up.

“Its a guard. Prince Zosar sends for you” he replied and I furrowed my brows and sat up.



I left the bed and went to open the door and there I met him, still standing.

“Um…where’s he? In his room?” I asked.

“No. Come with me, please”, he replied and started walking away and I followed.

Where’s he taking me? And why would Zosar be calling for me? That was actually the first time its happening.
We kept walking for a long time and finally arrived at a garden where I met Zosar on a round table, with different foods and drinks displayed on it.


“You can leave” he said to the guard who bowed and left.

Hm. Is this a tricky way of inviting me for dinner?

“Hi” I said lowly, still standing.
The foods on the table were tempting.

“Good evening. Please, have a seat” he offered and I nodded and took one on the other side of the table, facing him.

“Um…what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be making preparations for tomorrow?” I asked , more like in a teasing way and he scoffed.

“How’ve you been?” He asked and I shrugged.

“Fine – I guess. Just bored”.

He stood up and started dishing out the food, looking like a gentlemen.

“Um…you really called me here for dinner?” I asked as I awaited him.

“Is there something wrong with it?” He smiled.

“Of course, not. I just…don’t want anybody’s fiancee to pull my hair”.I said, expecting him to laugh, but instead, his countenance changed.


He dished out the two plates of sumptuous meal and handed the one to me.

“Thanks” I muttered as I collected it.

Then, he returned to his seat and we started eating.

“What time will the wedding take place tomorrow?” I asked unable to avoid talking about it.

“Oh! Before 10 – I guess” he replied and I nodded.
I guess I’d have to attend.

For a while, we were silent.

“What plans do you have as soon as you put to bed?” He asked, making me cringe.

I hesitated a little and took in some juice.

“Well…to go back to my country. I mean…my job would be done here – right?” I chuckled, to prevent my ruefulness from showing.


“Yeah…I really want to appreciate you for all your efforts and support. They’ve been one in a million and I’ll forever be grateful to you for that”.

I looked at him speechlessly, tears building up in my eyes.

It made me feel…

I sniffed and looked down at my food and we continued eating in a little silence.
We spent a long time in the garden and when we were done, he accompanied me to my room.

I was trying so hard to look cheerful, but the fact of him getting married kept ringing in my head and only spoilt my mood.

Why was I so affected by it?

We got into the room and I stood by the door as he locked it.

“Um…thanks for dinner” I told him and he sighed.

“You’re welcome” he replied and I found myself looking into his face, admiring him.

His dark curly hair, pink lips, perfect nose, pretty lashes…geez!
Like I was just seeing him for the first time.

“Can I ask you a question?” He suddenly asked and moved closer to me and I felt my heart skip.

I moved back a bit and got to an end point which was the wall and got stuck.

Surprisingly, he kept coming close and stopped when he was very close to me – our noses were almost touching. He lifted his right hand and placed it on the wall next to me.

“If you were in my shoes”, he started calmly.
“Would you get married to Rana?”


I looked into his eyes, surprised. I could feel his warm breath on my face as he spoke.

What’s he talking about? Why’s he asking such question?

I gulped nervously, unable to comprehend.

“Well, it…it depends” I shrugged and swallowed hard again.

My throat was already damn dry.

“Depends?” He asked, staring directly into my eyes.
“Would you do it?”

“Well…if I love her, I would. But if I don’t…I won’t” I replied and he nods.

He removed his hand from his trouser pocket and touched my hair.

“Does it still hurt?” He asked and at first, I didn’t know what he meant.

But getting that look from him, I suddenly realized.

“Y…yeah. Kind of” I replied and gulped dryly again.

Gosh! He was making me too nervous.

He didn’t say anything for a while and slowly, he brought his face closer to mine, making me flinch.

What’s he doing?

Before I could react, he placed his lips on mine and kissed me.


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