Pregnant Virgin – Episode 33

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 33

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I gasped and opened my eyes wide in shock as his lips danced on mine.

Good lord!

What the hell??

I tried pulling away, but couldn’t since I was already pinned to the wall. What’s he doing?? Does he actually realize he’s kissing me?

Oh my God!

Its my first kiss!!

He finally unlocked and took his wet lips into his mouth. Oh, God! He was damn cute when he did that.

He stared into my face for a long time, not saying a word and I helplessly did same.


I mean, what do you expect from a girl who just got kissed by a prince who’s getting married the following day?

He exhaled deeply and moved away from me.

“Goodnight” he hushed and left the room.
And for a long time, I couldn’t move from the spot where I stood.
Naunet’s Pov:
I walked into the house and met mother sleeping on the couch. I glared at her and was about walking away when she suddenly opened her eyes and flinched on seeing me.

“Naunet?” She called, abacked and stood up.

“Oh! Good saviors! You’re home! Naunet, where have you been? You…you’ve been away for days now. I’ve been looking all over for you”.

“Really?” I scoffed.
“I can’t believe you still care about me. Tell me, what exactly do you want from me, huh? Haven’t you ruined me enough? What else do you want from me, old witch!” I asked angrily and she gasped

“Naunet!” She called in shock, her hands on her chest.
“Did you just call me a witch??”

“Yes! Because that’s what you are and even worst! Because of you, I’m stuck here with a child who’s been rejected by everyone! I was shamefully thrown out of the palace. And now, even Asim wouldn’t look at me anymore. He despises me, mother! And its all because of you!!

“I was in love with him; I loved Asim and he loved me too. He treated me like a goddess and we were perfect together! But then, you came in and ruined everything! You turned my heart against him all because of royalty! Tell me, mother, what have you gained from it, huh? What??

“Asim wouldn’t look at me anymore. And now, even the prince is getting married tomorrow! What have I done to deserve this from you? Tell me!”
She bent her head and busted into tears. Yeah – crocodile tears

“I regret being your daughter” I said blatantly and went for my room to get my things.
Yes, I’m leaving this house right away!

I don’t care where I’ll go or how I’ll survive. I just need to go away.
Zosar’s Pov:
Father had sent for me in the throne room and I went in to see them all together – father, mother, Rana and king Rowan. They were all drinking and making merriment.

“Zosar!” King Rowan called as soon as he spotted me.

I slackened my pace and got to where they were.

“Wow! Your son’s looking all manly now! And more handsome – I must say” He complimented and they laughed.

“How’re you doing, Zosar?” He asked.

“I’m fine. Good evening and welcome” I replied calmly.

“Oh! Please, you don’t need to welcome me. This is my jewel’s wedding and its more like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me” he chuckled and Rana blushed.
“Come on, Rana; hurry up and give him a warm welcome. you need to start acting like his wife” he further said, making me more irritated.

Rana sheepishly stood up and came to me. She smiled as she lifted her hands to my shoulders and embraced me.


“Welcome love”, she whispered and pecked my cheeks and the rest of them laughed.

“Yes – that’s more like it” father said with a nod.

“Come on Zosar; come and have a seat” mother said when the laughter was over.

I didn’t object but quietly went to sit amidst them and they poured me a drink.

Hm. I guess this was what they called Bachelor’s eve.
💫The Wedding💫

Rana’s Pov:
I felt so happy and at the same time nervous as the make up artistes took care of my face.

Good saviors! I was finally getting married to Zosar! My prince charming; the man of my dreams.

Even if he hates this union, i still don’t care. I’ll just work with what the Queen said.

I’ll get married to him, shower him with all the love he needs and definitely, very soon, he’ll have no other choice but to fall in love with me


Shortly, the door opened and the queen walked in,making me beam.

“Awwn! You’re looking so cute” she complimented and my cheeks turned red.

“Welcome,my queen” the artistes greeted with a bow and she just waved at them.

“Thank you mother” I replied her.

“You’re welcome, Angel. You need to hurry up. Everyone’s waiting already” she said and my anxiety increased.


Oops! I guess this is really happening.
Zoey’s Pov:
I stood in front of the mirror, looking down at my tummy with my hands on it.

It was becoming bigger and reminded me of the fact that it wasn’t mine.

Yes – it wasn’t mine.

I was only a baby carrying machine.

I sniffed as a tear dropped from my eye. It just suddenly angered me – made me feel like I meant nothing.

Because of this baby, I lost my freedom, lost my relationship with my mom, lost my plans and my v**ginity! I lost everything!! And it hurts to know it was all for nothing.

Zosar’s getting married. And once I put to bed, I’ll hand the baby over to them and walk away – fulfilling my duty as a baby carrier. I know that was the plan, but all of a sudden, I just felt used and dumped.

“Ma’am, are you done?” The guard came knocking on the door and I snapped out of my thoughts.

“Yeah – I’ll be with you shortly” I replied and sniffed again.

Then, I dried my face and reached for the door. I met the guard who was already waiting outside and he led me to the wedding hall.
The hall was big and filled with many people of high personalities. I mean, couldn’t even find a single commoner in there except for the maids who stood at a fixed point.

Everyone was in position, awaiting the couples.

The King was on his throne and the Queen beside him. Hm. This was my first time attending a royal wedding and I must say it looks…classic.

Too bad I couldn’t enjoy the moment.

Not long after, the couples came walking in, next to each other.

I felt sparkles in my eyes as I looked at Zosar.

He was looking more handsome than he’s ever looked and I noticed they were both having a ribbon around their necks.

I suddenly recalled all the times I’ve spent with him and couldn’t believe he was the same guy getting married.

They kept walking at a slow pace and when they got to where I was, our eyes ran into each other’s – Zosar and I.

It was a brief eye contact as he walked pass me with his bride and finally, they stopped walking when they stood in front of the priest.

The king had to stand up at that moment.

“Finally,” the priest started.
“The time is here. As we all know, we’re here to witness the matrimony of our beloved crowned Prince and princess Rana”.

Smiles ran across the faces of people and I just bent my head and sniffed.

“Now, let’s proceed…”

“Wait” I suddenly heard Zosar say and lifted my head to have a look.

The priest stopped to look at him as he held everyone in suspense. Why did he ask him to stop?

Surprisingly, he pulled off the ribbon from his neck and threw it on the floor and everyone gasped.


“Zosar!” The queen called in shock.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t get married to Rana” he said blatantly, arousing more suspense.

“I can’t get married to her because I’m in love with someone else” he spilled the beans and darted his eyes to me and I felt my feet wobble.

Oh my God!

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