Pregnant Virgin – Episode 35

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 35

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I looked at him in shock.

What? Elope?

“Zoey” he called tenderly.
“Come on, we don’t have much time. We really need to leave now, please”.

“B…But…” I stuttered and scoffed.
“Why do we need to leave? I mean…why with me?”

“Because I need you, Zoey! Okay? I can’t get married to Rana because I’m…I’m in love with someone else. I’m in love with…with you. But my parents are trying to force me on Rana, so I have to leave and I can’t leave you behind.

“So, please Zoey, stop questioning me and just come with me. Please” he rushed his words, leaving me completely gobsmacked.

Did he just say…

Oh my God!

He held my hand and proceeded out of the room with me and this time around, I couldn’t even stop him because this time around, I was too clouded with different thoughts.

He took me out through the passage and on our way out, we bumped into some guards.

“My prince…”they called and looked at us.

“Are you going somewhere, my prince?”

“Yes” he replied coldly and tried walking pass them, but they stood in his way.

“I’m so sorry, my prince. But your father wants you to stay in your room” another said.
“Well, unless I’m a prisoner, I’m not staying in my room. And if I were you, I wouldn’t even try to stop me” Zosar said and immediately, walked pass them, still holding my hand.


I felt so scared and nervous.

He walked quickly with me and as soon as we got to his car, he urged me to go in and I did.

He took the driver’s seat and started the car and we left the palace at once.
Rana’s Pov:
Oh, good saviors!
Never in my entire life have I been this embarrassed – disgraced. Never.

Zosar – how could he think of doing such a thing to me? What have I done to deserve this?

I sat on the bed crying profusely, while father queried with Zosar’s parents.

“How could your son think of bringing such shame and disgrace to my name?” He yelled.
“How could he turn my daughter into a laughing stock, huh? How could he???

“Does he know how many men of high personalities have come to her for her hand in marriage, huh? How could he downgrade her in such a shameful manner? How could he make such mockery out of her?”

“Rowan” Zosar’s dad called.
“You need to calm down. None of us saw this coming, but I promise you, we’ll fix this as soon as possible”.

“Yes, please just keep calm” the Queen also said.
“We’re so sorry for the embarrassment and we promise to fix it”.

Immediately, a knock came up on the door and I sniffed and looked up, wishing it was him

“Who’s it?” The king asked.

“My King, I came to inform you that the prince has left the palace” a guard replied and my heart skipped.

“What?” The Queen flinched.
Zoey’s Pov:
“Where are we going?” I asked Zosar as he drove speedily on the road.

“Don’t worry, I already have everything planned out” he replied without looking at me and I tried cooling down my nerves by taking a deep breath.

Shortly, his phone started ringing and I noticed he groaned as he checked the caller.

He picked it up and put it on speaker, keeping it in front of him.

☎Zosar” the deep masculine voice called.
It was the king!

☎Zosar, where the hell are you?”

☎I’m fine, father and I can take care of myself. You don’t need to worry about me” he replied nonchalantly, making me scared.

☎What do you mean by that? What has gotten into you? Wherever you are, I want you to come back here and fix the mess you created”


☎I’m sorry father, but I’m never coming back to that palace – not until you’re willing to let me make my own decisions”

☎What? What’re you talking about? Where are you?”

☎Like I said, you don’t need to worry about me. I’m with the mother of my unborn child and we’ll be fine”


☎I’m sorry father, but you caused this. I’m old enough to make my own decisions! But since you want to take this the hard way, I’m afraid I’ll have to go on with it. And don’t even try tracing me because you won’t be able to find me. I’ve made sure of that”.

And with that, he dropped the phone, switching it off.

Oh my God!

I looked at him gobsmacked, feeling so scared.

Is he doing the right thing?
💫The Queen💫
“How dare he???” I watched my husband rasp and throw the phone on the floor.

“How can Zosar think of going against me? How???”

I gritted my teeth in bitterness. Oh! Zosar! What’s he doing?

I can’t believe he could think of eloping.
The King turned to the guards in the room.

“I want you to summon all the magicians across the country” he said raucously.
“Bring them here by all means! I want Zosar traced and found immediately! I can’t wait to lay my hands on him and that woman”.
Zoey’s Pov:
After what seemed like forever to me, we finally arrived at our destination as Zosar pulled over in front of a pretty house.

It wasn’t really huge, but round and was beautifully situated in a quiet spot near a river.


I opened the door and came out of the car the same time with Zosar and couldn’t resist looking around.


The place was so beautiful and the breeze – refreshing!

It was quiet and amazing.

“We’ll be staying here for the meantime” I heard him say from behind and turned to look at him.

“I hope you like it?” I just nodded casually.
I was still trying to recover from the shock of the entire incidence.

“Zoey” he called and moved closer to me.
“I want you to appreciate you for your cooperation. And also want to apologize for all the stress you’ve been through. I guess that’s the reason I couldn’t get married to Rana”.

“Is that the reason?” I asked and he sighed and held my hand.

“Well…I do love you, Zoey. I really do. And..I don’t know how and when it happened, but I just found it difficult getting married to someone else. And…I don’t know if its possible for you to stay in my life. Will you?”

My eyes beamed and I withdrew my hands from his.

Oh God!

This was more than a shock to me.

He lifted his hand to me and stroke it gently.

“Come on; you need some rest for now. Let’s go in” he said calmly and held my hand, leading me into the house.

The thought danced in my head. Could Zosar really be in love with me?

We got into the house and my eyes beamed at the sight in front of me.

Wow! The sitting room was…sparkling.

Classic chairs, flat screen TV, tied floors, pretty designs and all.

I wonder if he really owns this house. Or…how was he able to get possession of it under such short notice?

I kept looking around as we walked along and got to a door which he opened, revealing a bedroom.


It was damn so pretty and could almost be compared to the room I shared in the palace.

“And this will be our room” he said.
“You should freshen up while I fix something in the kitchen”.

Hold on; did I just hear him say *our room?*

We’ll be sharing the same room?

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