Pregnant Virgin – Episode 36

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 36

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
“Is there a problem?” He asked and I shook my head, realizing I was standing mute the whole time.

“Okay. Go on and take your bath while I fix something in the kitchen” he added and left, leaving me alone in the room.


I walked slowly to the bed and sat on it. The whole thing still felt like a dream to me – Zosar dumping Rana at the marriage hall, eloping with me and confessing he loves me.

Gosh! Was this a movie or something?

I took my eyes around the room. It was so big and beautiful and looked really comfy. But for how long will I have to stay here?

Oh, crap!

I placed my hand on my tummy and sighed.

I can’t believe this baby has caused so much complications even before he’s born. I wonder what would happen when he finally comes into the world.

I remained that way for a long time and finally stood up, deciding to go into the bathroom.

I opened the door and a “wow” escaped my lips at the sight in front of me.
Wow! A jacuzzi!!




I smiled and quickly took off my clothes and went to lay in it.

Damn! It was so cold and sweet. I giggled.
I spent a long time there, enjoying the sweetness of the water and after a while, I decided to come out.

I looked around and saw a white towel and I took it.

I tied it round my chest and returned to the bedroom.

Hold on; what do I wear? I didn’t even bring any of my clothes with me.

I stood confused in the room, thinking of what to do. And just then, the door opened with Zosar coming in.


“H…Hey; are you done?” He paused and asked and I noticed his eyes danced around my wet body.

“Um…yeah. I was just…I don’t have any cloth to change into” I replied, my hands at akimbo.

“Yeah…the clothes. Don’t worry, I’ll get you some first thing in the morning. For now…”
He paused and moved closer to me.

I actually thought he was coming close to me, but he walked pass me and reached for the wardrobe behind me.

He opened it and brought out a shirt. It was a male shirt and was obviously his.

“You can make use of this for now” he replied and I collected it from him.

“Thanks” I gulped nervously, but didn’t make a move.

Well, he needs to leave the room, right? So I can dress up.

Surprisingly, he remained standing and staring at me, giving me that familiar look.

“Is…is there a problem?” I forced myself to ask and he smiled.

“I’ve set the dining already. You can join me when you’re done” he stated coldly and left the room and I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Geez! Thank goodness!


💫The Queen💫
I stood in the throne room with the king as the magicians performed their works.

Good saviors! I’ve never seen my husband so desperate and impatient in his entire life.

“No results yet?” He asked the magicians, but they remained quiet and concentrated on what they were doing.

He shook his head and paced tho and fro – restlessly.

“My King” one of the magicians finally called, his face looking completely dismissed.

“Yes; yes. What is it?” The king snapped and asked curiously.

“We’re sorry my King, but…we’re unable to trace them. We don’t know, but…our powers keep getting jammed. The prince must be using a strong method to prevent us from tracking them” he said and my heart melted.

Oh saviors!

“No!!” The King roared in anger.

“I want him found by all means! I want them found. Do something!”

The magicians looked at each other and bent their heads.

“We’ll try our best, My King” he replied perfunctorily and resumed work.

“Zosar! Zosar! Zosar!” He gritted his teeth.

“Just pray I don’t find you. Because I’ll make you pay dearly for bringing such shame upon me”.

I placed my hands on my chest in shock.

Oh! Zosar, what’re you doing? Where are you? Please, I need you, Zosar!


Come home to me.
Zosar’s Pov:
I waited in the dinning for her and finally, she showed up.

“You’re done” I told her as she walked pass me and went to take a seat.


That ass.

The shirt was quite short for her, exposing her fair laps shaped butts.

“Yeah…” She replied and took a seat and caught me staring at her.

She probably doesn’t know why I’ve been staring so keenly at her for sometime now.

Her meal was already served and she picked up her spoon and started eating slowly.

Her lips were so perfect as she took in the spoonful.

Hm. I couldn’t wait to have a taste of it.

“Is…there a problem? You aren’t eating” she said and I shrugged it off and took my spoon.

“Hope you like it? I’m not really a great cook” I told her and she smiled.

“Its nice…manageable” she replied and I chuckled.

I couldn’t wait for us to finish eating.

There’s no way I’m leaving her untouched tonight.

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