Pregnant Virgin – Episode 37

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 37

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
After eating, I decided to rest in the room as Zosar insisted on clearing the table.

I went into the room and laid quietly on the bed, thinking about the whole situation.

My life, the baby, Zosar, Rana…everything!

It was really scary and bothered me.

I stayed on one position for a long time, thinking about the whole thing and after a while, Zosar showed up.

He walked in and joined me on the bed, lying next me.

Well…I must admit…that kinda made me nervous.

“Hey” he called softly and threw his hands around my waist.

“How’re you feeling now?” He asked and I wondered what exactly he was referring to.

“Um…I’m okay” I replied and cleared my throat a bit.

If only I knew, I’d have covered myself up with the duvet because the shirt I wore was too short and revealing and that was probably part of the reason he got tempted.

“Zoey..” He called again, making it sound more like a whisper.

“Have you thought about what I said?”

My heart skipped immediately.

Is he talking about his confession or what?

Oh my goshhh!

I really don’t think I’m ready for that because right now, I don’t even understand my feelings.

Although…I was really hurt when I learnt he was getting married to Rana. And this morning, when he turned down the marriage, I wouldn’t deny feeling happy. Yes, I did felt happy.

But…does it really mean I love him?

Oh! Zoey! I’m damn so confused.

“Nothing yet?” He asked and I lifted my head to look at him.
His hand was still on my waist and it made me really nervous.

I paused and gulped nervously.
“I don’t know yet”.

He smiled and slowly, reached for my lips.

Oh my gawwwd.

It was slow and soft,making my heart leap at every move he made.

Oh! Zosar…it was so enchanting.

After sucking my lips briefly, he unlocked and our eyes got locked into each other’s.

“May I?” He asked calmly and my heart skipped again.

I just stared at him and couldn’t say a word and slowly, he turned me to lay properly and came ontop of me.

He resumed kissing me
and lifted my hands to hold his cheeks.

He kissed me for a long time before letting go.

Considering how short my dress was, he simply lifted it up and it exposed my legs.

He reached for my p*nties and started pulled it down my legs and I shivered a little.

Although,,I’ve done it with him before, I still couldn’t help but feel nervous.

After making me p*ntless, he spread my legs apart and came to lie in between, then resumed kissing me.

“Mmm” I moaned into his lips.

He bit my lower lip in the process and I gasped.


“Sorry” he whispered with a smile and unlocked.

He placed his forehead on mine and touched my honey pot.

He stared directly into my eyes but I couldn’t do same as I felt shy.

He rubbed my v for a long time and finally pushed in two fingers at a time.

“Ahhh” I yelped and turned.

I tried moving away, but he held me firm.

“Oh my God! Zosar….


I shut my eyes and bemoaned.

His head was still placed on mine and he reached for my lips and kissed it gently.

He fingered me roughly, making my breath tense.

Luckily, I was able to find a little comfort in the kiss.

“You’re so tight, Zoey” he cooed when he unlocked from the kiss and our eyes met.

He pecked my hair and left me to take off his clothes and within the twinkle of an eye, he was done.


My eyes accidentally caught the size of his d**k and I flinched.

What the helllll

Oh my God!!!

Is this for real?? He was damn huge! No wonder I felt so much pains the last time.

I suddenly panicked as he came to lie in between me again.

He took off my shirt completely, leaving me stark n*ked.

Then, he kissed my hair, my chest, my tummy and down to my legs.

Oh my God!

“Ha!” I released a light gasp when I felt him close to my v.

No, no, no.
I muttered in my mind.

He placed his both hands on my legs and bent towards it and the next second, I felt his cold wet tongue there.

“Oh…yeah” I shut my eyes and mumbled as I grabbed the bedsheets beside me.

Oh my God! What’s he doing to me?

He ran his tongue around every corner, giving me a crazy tingling sensation.

And soon, I felt him finger me.

“Ahh” I moaned rather than scream.

Oh God! He was fingering and eating me up.

The fingering was so painful, but the p**sy s**king was bringing down the pains.

He continued that way for a long time and when he finally stopped, I found myself exhaling deeply.

He came close and kissed me roughly, making me have a taste of my own self.

Oh; geez!

It tasted…sour.

He kissed and fondled with my b**bs and finally unlocked.

“Has anyone ever told you how sweet you are?” He whispered into my ears and pecked my cheek.

Next, he teased my v with his c**k and finally penetrated.

“Harghh” I gasped – not too loud.

He pushed his self deeper into me and that was when I had to scream.



He looked into my eyes as he pushed deeper and I grabbed the bed sheets tight.

Oh Lord!

It was damn painful. I felt my v tearing up.

At a point, he stopped and started thrusting into me but almost immediately, he started pushing in again, like he wanted me to take in his full size.


“Arghhh” I cried at the weird feelings.

He didn’t stop till he was sure everything was in and by that time, I was already in tears.

“Come on, kiss me” he said as he stared thrusting slowly into me.

He brought his face closer to mine and I weakly reached for his lips and kissed them as he screwed me.

Damn! He was damaging my legs.

I felt like screaming but couldn’t because of the kiss. But it got to a point I couldn’t hold it anymore and I had to free my lips and groan.





It hurts…”

I cried in deep breaths.

My b**bs started bouncing as he increased his pace.

I felt his long hard d**k sliding in and out into me and it drove me mad.

He rested his head on shoulders and continued the move. It was damn rough.

Yeah..come on” he grunted into my ears as I whimpered.

Suddenly, he lifted my legs upwards with his d**k still in me and it amused me

Then, he resumed f**king me with my p**sy facing heaven.

Oh my God!




He moved with so much desperation that I felt I might pass out.

He moved roughly, his breath already tense.


“That’s enough…”

I started begging him after a while, unable to go on with it.




“Oh my!


I cried as he screwed me.

The tears came running down and finally, he pulled out of me, obviously releasing inside me.

Hah! Thank goodness.

I panted heavily as he fell beside me and covered me up with the duvet.

Oh my God! My legs!

My waist!

My v.

they were damn hurting.

I laid to back him but he held my cheeks.

“Sorry for hurting you” he said calmly and kissed me.
“I love you” .

“Love you too” I replied feebly and he kissed me again.


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