Pregnant Virgin – Episode 38

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🍷 Pregnant Virgin
(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 38
By: Faith Lucky

5 mönths Låter*



Zoey’s Pov:

“Come on! Zosar, stop it!!” I giggled as I ran around in the water – with him.

He caught me by the waist and we fell into the water together.

“Yeah…I told you, didn’t I?” He smirked and pecked my cheeks as he held me and I laughed.

“Fine! You win. But just for today. I promise you, next time, I’ll beat you to it” I pouted and moved away from his.

“Whatever” I heard him mutter.

I ignored him and started going out of the waters.

“Hey! Where are you going?” He asked.

“To get changed of course. Are you forgetting we need to go to the market?” I asked and spared him a stare and he rolled his eyes.

Then I smiled and walked into the house, my hands on my waist.

I got into the room, dried my body and took off my clothes, left with just a p*nt and b*a. Then, I went to stand in front of the mirror.

I placed my hand on my big tummy and smiled.

Hmmm. Its been 5 months already. 5 months of happiness – with the *love of my life*

And in a few days, I’d be due for a delivery.

I don’t even know when it’ll come. It might be today, tomorrow…geez!

I paused and laughed to myself.

Well, I wouldn’t deny, I felt so excited.

I mean, for the past 5 months, I got to realize how special this baby is to me. Having a life growing inside of me is something unique and awesome and I appreciated the feeling.

All of a sudden,I just couldn’t wait to carry the baby in my hands.

Zosar has been the best thing in my life for the past few months.

We’ve made so many plans and…I’ve gotten to be more free around him.

We kiss, play and f**k anytime! And anywhere.



There’s been no disturbances from his parents as we haven’t from them since then and it felt just like a perfect life.

Now, I don’t know how the heck Zosar does it but, we’ve never lacked.

We keep buying and spending excessively with more than enough food at home.

And on most occasions, the food gets rotten and thrown away.


Well, I must say…Zosar’s my prince charming and I feel so lucky to have him.

The door opened and I turned to see him coming in.

Geez! I can’t believe he met me like this – half naked.


Definitely, something’s gonna happen.

He was still wet and held his shirt in his hand.

“Hmm. Looks like somebody’s admiring herself” he teased as he came closer and I laughed.

He kept the wet shirt on the floor and got to where I was, holding my tummy.

“How’s Axel?” He asked.

“He’s great. Felt him kick twice some minutes ago” I beamed.

“Huh? And You didn’t tell me!”

I chuckled and he went on his knee, facing the tummy.

He placed his ear on it, as if listening to a music or something.

“Yes..yes…its daddy” he said, making me laugh.

“Oh! Really! Alright..I’ll get you new shoes tomorrow.

“Okay, okay. You don’t like mommy anymore? You want to stay in my own tummy?”

I laughed and slapped his head.

“You’re Crazy! What the hell do you think you’re doing??” I asked abacked and he shrugged.

And suddenly, the baby kicked.

I gasped a little.

“Wowwww” he exclaimed as he felt it in his hand.

“Oh my! Did you feel that?” He asked and we both laughed.

Then, he kissed my tummy afterwards and stood up.

“Hmm. So, what do you have for me?” He asked and lifted his hand to my hair.

Geez! I was expecting that.

“Come on Zosar. We need to leave for the market” I rolled my eyes at him and tried walking away but he pulled me back and kissed me.


That trick.

He kissed me sweetly in a way I couldn’t resist.

“I think the baby needs a massage” he teased when we finally unlocked and I bit my lower lip.


He smiled and took me to the bed but didn’t make me lay.

Instead, he knelt me in front of him.

Gosh! I guess I know what’s next.

He loosened his belt and brought down his trouser, revealing his long erected d**k.

Geez! It pointed directly to my face.

I smiled and engulfed my hand around it.

I stroke it gently for a while before taking it into my mouth.

“Mmm” I moaned lightly as I sucked it perfectly.

“Yeah…come on” he also groaned and helped with my hair which tried to get in the way.

I closed my eyes and continued sucking it like a lollipop, enjoying his essence like I’ve always done.

A little of his cum poured into my mouth and I gulped it down to avoid choking.

He reached for my back and unhooked my b*a then fondled with my b**bs which had gotten bigger by the months.

I continued stroking the d**k while sucking it perfectly.

“Yeah..come on, Zoey…

“That’s it..” He moaned ultimate ecstasy.

Seeing him satisfied gave me so much pleasure.

After a while, he pulled his d*ck out of me and I made sure I swallowed every last drop in my mouth.


“I guess there’s no need getting milk from the market” he chuckled and kissed me.

He kissed me so roughly like he wanted to eat my lips and after that, he turned me over and pulled down my p*nt.

I knelt, backing him, giving him the perfect doggy style.

He placed his hand on my waist and penetrated into me from behind. Oh! Sh*t!

I bit my lips in ecstasy as he thrusted deeply into me.




I moaned as he moved faster – without mercy.

My b**bs kept bouncing along.

His long d*ck was sliding into me perfectly and our moans filled the room.




The Queen

I walked into the throne room and met the king watching the magician – as usual.


Its been 5 months now .

5 months without a word from Zosar. Everything’s been shattered since then.

Oh! My dearest son. Where could he be?

I miss him so much!

“Greetings, my king” I bowed in front of him, but his attention was so fixed on the magician that he could hardly look at me.

For months now, he’s never relented in finding Zosar.

Every week, different magicians from all over the world kept coming in to make attempts. And right now, the magician in front of us was from Nigeria.

Funny, right?

The king simply waved at me and I went to stand beside him.

He’s been so bent on finding Zosar and his desperation makes me scared of what he would do when he finally finds him and Zoey.

Suddenly, the magician smiled and lifted his face.

“My king…I have great news!” He said, smiling widely.

“Yes? Yes? What is it?” The king asked curiously, opening his palm.

“I know where they are. I can see it. They’re in a lonely area – close to a stream. I know the exact location” he replied and my eyes beamed.

Oh, saviors! For real???





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