Pregnant Virgin – Episode 4

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 4

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I opened my eyes blearily and the first blur sight I caught was the ceiling.

I shut my eyes and opened them again and my vision became more clear.

The scene was different -Iike that of medicines and all that.

“Zoey?” I heard a familiar voice and turned to see mum sitting beside me.

“Mum?” I called weakly and her eyes beamed

“Oh, my! You’re awake! You…are you okay? I’ll get the doctor” she giggled and hurried out of the room before I could say a word.

I looked at at ceiling again and tried sitting up – and I did.

What the hell happened?

My head kinda ached as I tried to remember.

The lady! The wounded lady! What happened to her? And how come I passed out?

Mum came rushing in with the doctor not long after.

“Please doctor; how’s she?” She asked even before he got to touch me.

He brought out his stethoscope and placed it on my hand and chest.

“She’s fine, ma’am. I told you. There are no physical injuries. So, you have nothing to worry about” he turned to mum and said and she heaved a huge sigh of relief.

“Thank you so much, doctor” she replied and he nodded and left.

“Zoey” she called and hugged me.

“My baby, I was so worried. What the hell happened to you? The…The police said you were found lying close to a corpse”.

My jaws dropped immediately.

A corpse? Did she die?

“Was it a lady?” I asked in bewilderment.

“Yes, it was a lady who was stabbed. What happened? How did you get involved with that?” She asked and I blinked rapidly

“I don’t know anything about it, mum. I…I was just on my way from the party and was on my way to get a cab and that was when I ran into her. She had fallen close to me and…I had wanted to contact 911, but suddenly I…”

I paused and flinched when I remembered what had happened at that moment.

She had gripped my wrist and spoke in a strange language.

I gasped and quickly looked at my wrist, but it was plain and neat – no mark – nothing.

“Zoey?” Mum called and I looked up at her.

“I’m…I’m fine. I just…when I was about contacting 911, I suddenly passed out. I don’t know what happened” I told her, a little fazed.

“Well, the most important thing is you’re safe and okay. But you’ll need to give your statement to the police to clear your name out” she said and I just nodded.
I was discharged and free to go but first, I had to give my statement to the police and explain everything to them.

I spoke with them privately and told them everything I knew about the lady. Its such a pity she didn’t make jt.
When I was done with the police, I left the room so I could go meet mum. But suddenly, I remembered something.

The lady had mentioned of a baby.

I paused and thought about it. That was true.

I turned around and went for the doctor’s office and luckily, I met him outside.

“Miss Zoey” he called genially.
“Is there a problem?”

“Uh…of course, not” I smiled and looked around.

“I just…wanted to ask.

“The corpse you found last night…the lady…was she pregnant?” I asked curiously and at first, he looked a little surprised.

“Well,” he cleared his throat .
“We’ve already carried out an post-moterm on her body and from the results, she wasn’t pregnant”.

It muted me for a second. She wasn’t pregnant? Then, what did she mean by her baby? Or…could it be possible her baby was somewhere in danger? Shouldn’t I tell the police about this?

“Zoey” I heard mum’s voice and it snapped me out of my thoughts.

I sighed as I looked at her.

‘Are you okay? I’ve been looking for you” she said as she drew closer.

“I’m fine, Mom. I was just having a word with the doctor.”

“Okay. So, are we done? Can we go home now?” She asked and I nodded and we finally left.
Mum wouldn’t let me do anything at home as all she wanted was just for me to eat and have enough rest.

I took my bath and after eating, decided to have some rest in my room.

I was about laying on the bed when I heard a knock on the door and I quickly guessed who it was.

“Yes?” I answered and the door opened with Mandy coming in.


I rolled my eyes and threw my gaze away.

“Zoey!” She called with concern as she walked towards me.

“I was so worried. What happened to you? How’re you feeling?”

“I’m fine. At least, I didn’t get raped” I rolled my eyes again and she gasped and sat next to me.

“You…you were almost raped?”

“Yes! By the so called Leo you asked to keep me company! Were you actually teaming with him? I mean, you asked him to bring me to you and in the end…”

“Hold on”; she scoffed.
“What’re you talking about? Leo tried to rape you?”

“Please Mandy, don’t act like you don’t know anything about it. You called him on phone and asked him to bring me to you and…”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Zoey. I…I never called Leo that night. I had returned hours later to look for you at the table but I couldn’t find you and I thought you went home already.

“Seriously Zoey? Are you tryna suspect me?? You…You think I’d want to set you up and have you raped? I can’t believe this!”

I threw my face away and didn’t say anything and she stood up.

“After all these years of our friendship, you don’t even trust me? How can you possibly think I’d want to harm you in such manner?” She asked but I still didn’t say a word, probably because I didn’t know what to think.

“Seriously Zoey, you amaze me”.she scoffed and with that, she left the room.

As soon as she left, I exhaled deeply and felt frustrated. I didn’t even know what to do or think.

Could it be possible she really had nothing to do what happened?

Before I could think of any other thing, a strange feeling crowded me.

I suddenly had a strong urge to puke and I sprang on my feet and ran into the toilet, my hand over my mouth.
As soon as I got to the sink, I released everything from my mouth.

Huh? What’s wrong with me? Why am I throwing up?

Oh, please! Don’t tell me I’m falling sick.

Brought to you by Faith Lucky
Love you all

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