Pregnant Virgin – Episode 40

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 40

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I opened my eyes and found myself lying on a cold floor.

I itched my head and sat up, my hand on my waist.


I was locked up! In a cell!!!

I gasped and sprang on my feet.

Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m back here as a prisoner.

Zosar…where’s he? Where he could he possibly be??

Oh God! How do I get out of here?

I heard onto the bars of the cell and saw a guard standing by.

“Hey” I called and shook the bars.
“Hey, please help me. Why am I locked up?”

He only turned and shot me a stare
and snobbed.

Oh God! Have I become a prisoner or what?

I held my waist and sat back on the floor, feeling tired and weak.
My feet couldn’t carry me anymore.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen – just like menstrual cramps.

Oh! Please, don’t tell me its what I’m thinking.

It can’t be now.
Zosar’s Pov:
I felt a cold hand rubbing my face.


I opened my eyes slowly and the first face I saw was that of my mum, looking into my eyes.

I arched my brows at her and realized i was sitting on her legs.

“Zosar” her face beamed.

I lifted my head from her legs and tried moving but discovered my hands were chained.


I still stood on my feet but couldn’t move and mom stood up as well.

“Zosar…” She called tenderly.

“Mother?” I scoffed and looked around.

I was in the palace! How the hell did I get here?

Where’s Zoey?

“Where’s she?” I looked at mum and asked.
“Where’s Zoey? And why am I here?”

She sniffed and made to touch my face, but I resisted.

“I’ve missed you” she cooed.
“I still can’t believe you could leave me behind”.

I batted my lashes and stared at the floor.

“I’m sorry, mother. But you and father pushed me to the wall. What were you expecting?” I said with a string of guilt, anyway.

“Please, where’s Zoey? Where did you take her?”

She came close and held my cheeks.

“Please Zosar, I want you to do as your father demands. I can’t afford to lose you, please” she said pathetically, making me wonder what she meant.

What’s she talking about?

“Zoey is safe for as long as you decide” I suddenly heard father say and lifted my head to see him walking in with a guard.


His robe swept the floor as he did and stood in front of me.

“Do you still remember me?” He asked and I chuckled and he slapped me immediately.

Mum flinched.

“Does it sound funny?” He asked coldly.
” Huh? Does it sound funny that you made me look like a fool before my throne?”

I bit my cheeks and didn’t say a word.

“How could you, Zosar?? How??? How could you abandon your own people for a stranger?”

I looked at him immediately.

“A stranger?” I scoffed.
“Are you referring to Zoey as a stranger? Just so you know, father; she’s the mother of my unborn baby and the woman I plan on getting married to. So, when you’re done with your drama, you can go get her from wherever you’ve kept her so we can both leave”.

“Zosar!” Mother whispered and he slapped me again.

“If not for the fact you’re my only son, your head would’ve been rolling in front of me this very instance” he said angrily, gritting his teeth.

“You’ve tempted me Zosar – you’ve tempted me far more than your limits.”

He backed me for a while before turning to look at me again.

“Now, let me make thus clear to you” he said.
“You’re either getting married to Rana tomorrow, or your beloved girlfriend and unborn baby dies”.



I gave him a long stare and chuckled.

“Rana?” I asked.
I can’t believe that issue’s still on.

“Yes – Zosar. You need to finish what you started. You’re getting married to her or they die this very instance. Do you agree or not?”

“You’re dreaming, father. I’m never getting married to Rana”.

“Really? We’ve been together for years, Zosar. You should know me to be a man of my words. Do you really want to take this drastic decision?”

“If anything happens to Zoey or the baby, I swear, you’re losing me too. If they die, I die”

“Well, at least I’ll be at peace knowing you didn’t die by my hands”.

I fisted my hands and tried with all my might to free from the chains, but couldn’t.

I was boiling with anger.

“Zosar, please” Mother whimpered.

I exchanged a hard glare at father and he turned to the guard beside him.

“Go to Zoey, cut off her head and bring it here for him to see” he instructed and my eyes dilated.

“Yes, my king” the guard bowed and started walking out of the room.

No. No. No no.

“Wait!” I suddenly screamed and the guard stopped walking.

My eyes were almost popping out.

Father looked at me and smirked

“Do you have any last word for her?” He asked and I felt my eyes become watery.

“Please, don’t hurt her. Just let her be” I said hopelessly and he turned to the guard

“Go ahead with it” he instructed and the guard bowed and proceeded out of the room.

No! Zoey.

“I’ll do it!” I said helplessly and he stopped.

“I’ll do what you want. I’ll get married to Rana. Just please, don’t touch Zoey” I added pathetically and he smiled.
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