Pregnant Virgin – Episode 41

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 41

By: Faith Lucky

Zosar’s Pov:
“Good job, Zosar” he said with a satisfied look.
“You just made a wise decision”.
My breath wavered as I became cold. I f**king agreed to it.

“The preparations are already on and by tomorrow morning, all you have to do is put on your robe and march in with Rana”. He stated and turned around to leave.

“Zoey” I called, making him stop.
“I…I need to see her. Where’s she?”

“I’m sorry, son. But you won’t be seeing her till the wedding ceremony is over. And for further safety purposes, you’ll have to remain chained here till it’s time” he concluded,,gave mother a smile and finally left.

I felt my heart shatter as I fell weakly on my knees. My entire world seemed to be crumpling.

“Zosar” mother called tearfully and tried holding me.

For the first time in my life, a tear came dropping falling from my eye.

For the first time , I felt hopeless.

Zoey – I couldn’t lose her – I couldn’t bear being away from her. But I also couldn’t bear watching her die.


She’s too perfect for me – and I’ve learnt to love her far more than I’ve ever loved any other woman. She refilled the vacuum Hathor created – took her place in my life.


How will I be able to cope knowing I lost her?

Oh! Good saviors!
Please, help me.
Zoey’s Pov:
I breathed weakly as I sat on the dirty floor, feeling so tasty and hungry.

I’ve tried asking the guard for help, but he wouldn’t listen.

Shortly, I heard footsteps and looked to see Rana walking towards me.


She’s still here?? Its been 5 months already.

A fatuous smile crept into her face as she got close and stood in front of the cell and I struggled to stand on my feet.

She still looked pretty and royal.

“Hmm. Look whom we have here – the magic pregnant mother” she teased and laughed.

“Hi Zoey. How’s it been? Its been five months already and…wow! Your tummy’s damn so big!! I bet you’re due for delivery”.

At that moment, the only thing on my mind was Zosar and I felt like asking her about him.

“Tell me, how does it feel?” She asked and glanced at my tummy.

“Does it feel heavy? Do you…feel the baby breathing? Or…kicking? Or…something?”
She paused and laughed.

“Please, forgive my inquisitiveness. I’m just so curious, you know? I mean, I might be getting pregnant soon since I’m getting married tomorrow” she added and rubbed her tummy.




She’s getting married tomorrow? To who?

“Hm. So, tell me, Zoey; how was your time with Zosar?” She continued, crossing her hands below her chest.

“It must’ve been really fun, right? Staying alone with him. I bet a lot of things must’ve happened”
She smiled and looked down at my legs and I cringed.

“Please, where’s he? Where’s Zosar?” I finally spoke up for the first time.

“Oh! Please, He’s fine. Trust me, he should be the least of your problems right now. But I’m so curious, how were you able to survive five months knowing you were with someone else’s husband? Huh?”

“But you didn’t get married. He…”

“Yes! He dumped me because of you!!! Every single thing that happened Zoey, is because of you!”

Anger suddenly flashed in her eyes but she quickly replaced it with a smile.
“Anyway” she cleared her throat and continued.
“That isn’t important anymore because by tomorrow, I’ll be getting married to him”.

I flinched immediately.


“Oh! Yes, Zoey. Don’t look too shocked because its the truth. Zosar and I are getting married tomorrow and…I’d have loved to invite you but, you know? You’re still a prisoner” she said with a smirk and I shook my head.

“You’re lying” I said feebly.
“Its not true”.

“Zoey!” She called and laughed.
“What reason would I have to lie about it? Anyway, don’t worry; by tomorrow, you’ll get all the evidence you need.

“So…in the meantime, you can continue having enough fun here alone’.

And with that, she smiled and walked away.


I scoffed as tears built up in my eyes.

No – she can’t be serious. It’s not possible.

Zosar…Zosar cannot get married to her. It can’t happen, right?

I sat back on the floor and tried to stop myself from crying.

Its simply not possible. He can’t get married to her. Never!

He can’t!

Oh, God! Where’s he?

I leaned on the wall and wept. I just needed to get out of here. I needed to leave this place.

Oh my God!
My waist!
Hours Later
It was so dark already.

I felt a lot of discomfort on my waist and lower abdomen. The cramps were coming gradually and my fears increased.

I couldn’t imagine being in labour at this moment. I wasn’t ready for it.

I kept turning and turning on the floor where I sat. Oh God!

It was damn painful and I was trying so hard not to moan

Suddenly, the guard outside the cell slumped to the floor and I flinched.


I recoiled in fear, wondering why he suddenly slumped.

What the hell happened??
Why did he suddenly pass out?

I held my tummy and gummed myself to the wall until the someone appeared and my eyes dimmed.

Oh my Godddddd
Who do you think it is?

But don’t worry, next episode drops today.


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