Pregnant Virgin – Episode 42

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🍷 Pregnant Virgin
(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 42

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
It was her – the strange maid!

The one who had warned me to trust no one. And the one I had seen at the market.

My eyes widened in shock. What’s she doing here?

She took the keys from the guard and quietly opened the cell gate.

How…How was she able to make the guard slump as well?

I recoiled back as she came closer to me.

“Hey! Calm down, I’m here to help” she said in a whisper, waving her hand.

My breathing was tensed.

“Wh…What do you want?” I asked , visibly shaking.

“I’m just here to help you, Zoey. If you stay in here, you die. So, come on”.


She tried touching my hand, but I resisted. I was damn scared.

How can I trust you,? Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“Come on, Zoey. Do I really look like the bad guy? I’m trying to free you from here cause your life’s at risk. Now, if you don’t come with me this very instance, we’ll both be dead because any moment from now, more guards might come in” she said huskily, sounding impatient.

She tried holding my hand again and this time around, I didn’t resist her.

She held it and helped me stand, my other hand supporting my waist.

I let out a slight groan as the pains niggled at me. My waist and legs felt so heavy.

“Come on” she added and started walking out of the cell, still holding my hand.

But why’s she helping me? Why’s she so concerned? Who exactly is she?

We tip toed out of the cell and walked through the dark, quiet passage. It was so quiet that I feared our footsteps might echo.

But where’s she talking me? How do we get out of here?

We continued counting our steps and finally, got to the exit of wherever it was we were going because there was a big gate in front of us and a guard who was already sleeping on the floor.

Was he really sleeping? Or…he slumped like the other guy?

She walked towards the gate and surprisingly opened it without a key or anything.

“Come on” she whispered and beckoned on me and taking a nervous gulp, I went ahead to meet her.

We went out through the gate and to my greatest surprise, I discovered we were now outside the palace.

Holy Christ!! We escaped!

And…were now standing in front of what looked like a forest.

But…how did she got to know such secret passage?

“Come on, come on” she hushed and we started running.

I tried as much as possible to run as fast as I could, but my waist and legs…they were just too painful and hurtful.

The strange lady was ahead of me and from time to time, turned to be sure I was still following.

The cloud wasn’t really clear as the breeze was heavy and with the look of things, it might rain anytime soon.
It got to a point I couldn’t move anymore. I just couldn’t.

“Ah” I whimpered, holding my tummy.

The lady quickly stopped and looked

“Hey; what’s wrong?” She asked lowly and held my hand.

The cramps came with a mighty force and I almost screamed.

“Oh my God!” I cried painfully, standing with my legs apart.

She observed me and gasped.

“Oh! Good saviors! You’re in labor!” She exclaimed but I couldn’t even look at her face as I focused on my tummy with tearful eyes.

The size had shifted downwards.

“Arghh. Oh God! It hurts!” I whimpered with my eyes shut.

“Oh! What do we do? The guards might be after us. Can’t you just try Zoey? We need to get out of here”. She said.


“I can’t. I can’t” I said repeatedly, shaking my head.

The rain was beginning to drip already but at that moment, all that mattered were the unimaginable pains I was passing through.

“Arghh. Huuhh.”

I whimpered and she helped me sit under a tree.

She took off my p*nt and spread my legs wide apart.

“Okay Zoey; I need you to keep your legs wide open, okay? No matter what, they must be open If you don’t want your baby to die” she said and I just nodded tearfully.

The pains were crazy and I was ready to do anything i was being told at that moment because.

The size of the rain drops was beginning to increase.

“Make sure you keep your legs open, okay?” She said and I just nodded.

I felt my pelvic area become so heavy like I was carrying a bag or something and wanted to urinate it out.

The strange lady was working on my legs and kept doing whatever it was she was doing.

“Urghhh” I groaned as a result of the pains.
It was increasing by the second.

“Okay; come on Zoey. Start pushing. Push with all your might and within the twinkle of an eye, your baby’s out and we’ll be out of here” she said and I started pushing immediately.

I folded my lips and pushed with all the strength I had, holding onto the leaves on the floor.

“Yes! Yes! Come on” she urged and I continued.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I continued in a muffled breath as I felt the weight on my tummy moving down to my pelvic area.

Oh God!

Lightening and thunder filled the air as the rain started falling heavily, wetting both of us.

Tears kept rolling down my eyes as I continued pushing.

“Arghhhg!” I suddenly screamed, feeling a strange pain.

“Zoey! Come on; come on. You can’t stop now. I can see the baby’s head” she said eagerly, but I was beginning to feel weak already.

I tried pushing but my strength was already leaving me.

Oh! Zosar, where are you? I need you now.

“Zoey! Please! We might lose the baby. Push!;” she said and slapped my legs and I shut my eyes and pushed.

Suddenly, I remembered him – Zosar.

I couldn’t tell why but the memories came flashing into my head.


I remember our first meeting – in the hospital. I’d never forget the look in his eyes.

I remember how he brought me to the palace and all the lovely times we shared.

How he took my v*rginity, dumped Rana and went against his parents just for me. How he made me feel loved.

Oh! Where was he? I needed him. I needed him.

“Zoey! Come on!” I heard the strange lady’s voice in my head as she slapped my legs and I shut my eyes and screamed.


I screamed out his name and felt something heavy come out of my p**”y.

“Hah!” I gasped due to the shock.

What was that???

It was sooo big and made me fear I had lost my v.

I puzzled over it, but not until I heard the sound of a baby.

Oh my God!

I saw the strange lady smile as she picked up whatever it was from the floor and lifted it.

Holy Molly!!!

It was a baby!!

A baby!!

My baby!!

I busted into tears as I stared at the little creature crying in her arms.

It was really a baby.

Oh my God!

“Congratulations Zoey” the strange lady said as she came closer and placed the baby in my arms.

I was too weak but didn’t care at that moment as I held him tenderly. I was ready to chop off my head just to hold him!
To touch him.

That was exactly how I felt.

More tears came streaming down my cheeks as I stared at him in disbelief.

I couldn’t believe I just gave birth to a child. I just brought a life into the world. I just became a mother.

Oh my God

He kept crying in my hands, his voice sounding like a music to my ears.

At that moment, the pains didn’t matter anymore. As I stared into his cute little face, i realized I just had another reason to live.

With tears still dripping down my face, I smiled ruefully and kissed his head.
This is so touching. Never knew motherhood could feel this way.


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