Pregnant Virgin -Episode 44

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 44

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I stared at her, surprised.

Is she being serious?? Leave the county?

“What do you think?” She broke into my thoughts immediately .
“Do you like the idea?”

I cogitated about it.

Will it really be possible? To return to America?

“H…How is it possible?” I asked.
“Do you have tickets for me?”

“No – getting a ticket is too expensive and would’ve probably drawn attention. So, I’ve made preparations for you to follow a ship” she replied and I flinched.


“A ship?” I asked, finding it abstruse.
“It’ll be safe, Zoey – trust me. And I think its the best solution right now. I’m pretty sure the King is madly searching for you right now and it wouldn’t be funny if he finds you – considering the fact you’ve given birth already.

“Just so you dont know, the only thing restricting them in the past was the baby. But now, they can easily take him away and do whatever they want with you. Please, I wouldn’t want all the efforts we’ve made to be a waste. First thing in the morning, you leave with the baby. I have some saved up cash here with me so once you arrive, you can survive for a few weeks with it. You can start all over with the baby” she explained vividly, making me perplexed.

I bent my head like I was staring at the baby and thought about it.

Returning to America, that’d be pretty nice. At least, I can be free from all the problems of the royalty. I can finally be safe with my child.


“Are you thinking of Zosar?” She suddenly asked, like she was reading my thoughts and I snapped my neck to look at her.

I felt my heart melt at the mention of his name.

Well, of course. I couldn’t avoid thinking about him.

If I leave for America tomorrow, it definitely means I’ll be leaving without him. I’ll be away from him.

But where’s he? What could’ve happened to him?

I was dying so hard to hear from him and the mere thought of it alone built tears in my eyes.

Oh! Zosar…will I be able to live without him?

“I’ll leave you to think about it” Hannah said and touched my palm.
“You have till tomorrow morning”.

And after which, she stood up and left the room.
Zosar’s Pov:
I stood like a ghost in front of the mirror, arrayed in the royal robe, ready for the wedding.

Father was in the room with me while mother was probably with Rana.

“You’re looking good, son” father complinted from behind but didn’t even glance at him.

At that moment, all my thoughts were focused on Zoey.

Oh, good saviors. Where’s she? Is she really safe?

“Father” I turned to face her.
“Can I just see her? Even if its for a few seconds?”

“If you’re referring to your bride – yes. But if you’re referring to Zoey, then the answer is no. Like I said, she’s safe and as soon as the wedding is over, you’ll be allowed to see her” he replied and I sighed and tuned back to the mirror.


I don’t even know where she is – no idea at all!

“Remember Zosar”, he said.
“You must not do anything stupid because Zoey and the baby’s life depends on you right now. As soon as you mess it up, they die in the next five seconds” he stated and I stared at him from the mirror, feeling so much hate.

Oh! Zoey, where are you? Are you aware of this damn marriage? If you are, then I’m very sorry. I’m sorry Zoey, but the truth is, I’d never want to hurt you. I love you soo much and right now, I don’t know what to do
Naunet’s Mother:
I stared at the poisoned dagger in my hand, a vengeful smile creeping into my face.

Finally, its time to have my revenge. Its time to make the royal family pay for what they did to me.

They ruined my life. Because of them, Naunet left and has never returned to me again. Its been five months already and I don’t even know where she is. She left!!

It’s all the Queen’s fault. If she hadn’t been so poke-nosived, the truth about Naunet’s pregnancy wouldn’t had been exposed and everything would’ve been fine by now.

She made me lose my daughter. And now, I’m gonna make her lose her son. In a short time, Zosar will be dead.

I took in a deep breath and inserted the dagger into my waist and after which, I left for the “royal wedding”.
Zoey’s Pov:
I laid the baby quietly on the bed, making sure his body was well covered with the blanket.

He was fast asleep and staring into that pretty face of his gave me so much joy. Inexpressible joy.

He was damn so cute and looked like an egg.

I smiled and touched his head warmer.

Suddenly, I felt so lucky he was mine.

Although, Hathor conceived him, but he grew up in my womb.

I felt him grow, turn,,kick.

I lost my v*rginity because of him – made a lot of sacrifices for him and almost lost my life because of him.

He came out of my legs and sucks from my br**ts. So, he’s mine. I’m his mother and I felt so privileged. Too bad Zosar’s yet to see him.

I planted a kiss on his forehead and left the room so I could check up on Hannah and thankfully, I spotted her in the sitting room.


But she didn’t notice my entrance as she focused her eyes on the tele.

I was coming from behind and was about calling out to her when the tele also gripped my attention.

Hold on;

Isn’t that…

“Hah!” I gasped


My Zosar!!!

He was the one on tele!! It was a live program and…

Hold on;

He wasn’t alone!

He was walking beside Rana. And…they were both dressed up like…

Oh my God!

My jaws dropped as everything looked familiar to me.

The dresses, the marriage hall.

And finally, the headline displayed below it and clarified everything.

“Prince Zosar And Princess Rana About To Wed”

“No” I said unconsciously and Hannah turned to look at me, seeming shocked.

“Zoey?” She called, like she wasn’t expecting me.

I focused on the tele and tried to see if it were a dream or a movie.


My Zosar.

He’s getting married??

Rana was right after all? They were getting married?


I covered my mouth with my palm as tears came running down and Hannah turned off the TV immediately.

“Zoey” she called and rushed to me

“No”, I muttered in tears.
This isn’t true. It Can’t be

My Zosar.

He can’t be married to Rana.

No, please no!

Hannah got to where I was and pulled me in a hug as I cried profusely.

“Hey, come on; its okay. Please” she consoled, rubbing my back.

“I need to see him”, I whimpered, hugging her tight.
“I need to see him, please”.

“Come on Zoey. You know that’s not possible. The King’s guards are probably roaming around for you and as soon as they see you, it’s over. Only the saviors know what will happen next”.

She paused and disentangled from the hug, holding my hand and staring into my face.

“I need you to calm down, okay? I’m sure the prince still loves you. And its very possible he’s being forced to do this right now. Its possible he’s doing it for you” she continued but I only wept more.

No! My Zosar.

I can’t believe I’m losing him. I finally lost him.

I hugged her again, needing a shoulder to cry on.

“Please, take me away from here”,I begged.
“I wanna go home. I just wanna stay far away from here. Please, help me. I’m ready to leave”.

I whimpered.

“Its okay, Zoey. Its okay” she patted me on the back.

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