Pregnant Virgin – Episode 46

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 46

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
The next morning, I woke up, made breakfast and primped Axel up for school.

We took a cab afterwards and finally got to the big classic school building.

“I’ll be coming to pick you up, Axel. Make sure you don’t go with anyone, okay?” I reminded him as we approached the gate.

“Sure, mum” he replied and adjusted his hand in mine as I held him.


We got to the gate where some of the teachers stood, welcoming the students.

“Good morning ma’am” Axel’s teacher greeted me as soon as I got to where she was.

“Good morning. How was your night?”, I replied with a smile.

“It was fine. Thanks.
“Um…Axel, did you deliver my message to your mum?” She asked and I arched my brows and looked at him.

What message?

“Axel?” She called and he shook his head – sadly.


I looked at him – then back at the teacher.

“What message, please?” I asked curiously.

“Well…a letter was given to him about a week ago and I have no idea why he didn’t deliver the letter to you. He’s expected to clear up his fees. Else, by next week, he won’t be allowed into the school premises” she replied and I cringed.

Oh my God!

I moved a few steps away with Axel and squatted in front of me..

“Hey, why didn’t you tell me about this?” I asked as he bent his head dolefully.

“I’m sorry, mum. I didn’t want you to worry” he replied and I felt my heart melt.

Holy Crap.

I smiled and rubbed his nape.

“Thank you, son. But you don’t have to keep such things away from me. Don’t worry, I promise you won’t get kicked out of school, okay? Your fees will be cleared, okay?” I assured him and he just nodded, still looking sad.

Then, I kissed him before standing and returning to the teacher.

“Please ma’am. The fees will be settled. Thanks for letting me know” I told het.


“Oh! Its nothing. You’re welcome” she replied quickly, brimful of smiles.

I handed Axel to her, together with his lunch bag.

“Bye, son. Be a good boy, okay?” I waved at him.

“Bye, mum”, he also waved at me, bitterness resounding in his voice.

Oh! Geez!

‘Come on, love. Give mummy a smile” I told him and he released a funny smile which made me laugh – including the teacher.

I blew a kiss at him and finally left.
I boarded a cab and headed for my workplace immediately and on the way, I couldn’t help but think about Axel.

How do I clear his fees?

Gosh! I really needed to do something. I can’t have him kicked out of school. Never!

I rested my head on the window of the moving car and continued thinking till I finally got to the company.

Hmm. At last.

I settled the cabby and walked in, clearing myself with the securities at the gate.

I got to the reception and requested to see Zach – the manager and the receptionist directed me and I had to use the elevator.

After much turns and all, I finally got to a place where I assumed was his office, but I couldn’t go in as a result of the presence of a lady I found outside the door.

She had her own desk and looked like a…secretary.

“Hi” I said with a smile.

“Yeah – Good morning. How may I help you?” She asked politely, taking her eyes off her system.


“Um… I’m here to see Mr Zach” I replied.

“Do you have an appointment with him?”

“Kind of. I’m Zoey Scott and…he asked me to come over this morning…”

“Oh! You’re the Zoey!” She cut in, making me amused.
“You’re the SUPPOSED secretary, right?” She asked, being emphatic on the supposed.

“Yeah…he asked me to resume work today”
I drew my reply, already feeling cranky about her.

“Hmm. And are you aware I had to demoted because of you? What’s your relationship with the boss, anyway? That’d want him to replace me with you?”

Although, I was upset at her manner of speaking, I was also flabbergasted at the fact that Zach was replacing her with me.

Huh? Is that true? I thought the only reason he employed me was because he didn’t have a secretary at all?

Suddenly, the door from the big office opened and he walked out.

“Zoey?” He called, alarmed.
“You’re here”.

The rude lady adjusted on her seat, trying to look like she wasn’t lashing at me few minutes ago.

“I just arrived. Good morning, sir”, I greeted with courtesy.

“Joan – why didn’t you direct her to my office?” He asked the rude lady and she jumped on her feet.

“Um…I’m sorry, sir. I’m really sorry, sir. I was just…”

“Please, come in, Zoey” he ignored her and cleared the path to his office and I walked in, getting an angry stare from her.

Holy Crap!



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