Pregnant Virgin – Episode 48

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pregnant virgin stories


(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 48

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
My eyes dilated as we stood staring at each other. I wasn’t dreaming, was I?

“Zoey?” She called in a faint tone and just then, the car’s door opened and Axel rushed out.

“Mum? Are you okay?” He asked and I turned to look at him.

Oh God!

I looked back at mum and the pale look on her face had doubled.

Immediately, I snapped out of it and turned to Axel.

“Come on, Axel. Let’s go” I stated coldly as I urged him to go into the car and he sluggishly did.

“Zoey” mum called again just when I was about taking the front seat and I paused to stare at her.

The acrimony came driving in and immediately, I entered the car and slammed the door shut.
Zosar’s Pov:
I sat weakly on the bed, trying to comprehend what was going on.

My bones and joints were so weak and I felt a heavy headache.

I had just woken up amidst guards and doctors and the whole thing was so confusing.

I mean…I could feel it. Something was missing. There’s been a wide gap -like I’ve been away for sometime. But I can’t seem to understand it.

The last I could recall, I was about getting married to Rana. But suddenly, Naunet’s mother came out from the crowd and threw a dagger at me and I found myself passing out.

And that’s it. I can’t remember anything else.

I tried leaving the bed, but the guards and doctors in the room wouldn’t let me and I couldn’t drag with them because I really felt weak.


But after a long while, mother and father came running in and I became a bit relieved.

“Zosar???” Mother called in ultimate surprise and disbelief as she halted at the door.

I couldn’t react because I was still confused and immediately, she ran to me and hugged me tight.

“Oh! The good saviors answered my prayers!! They brought you back to me!!”, she cried on my shoulders, making me more muddled.

I looked at father and he had the same look on.

“Oh! My dear son!” She whimpered as she unlocked from the hug and cupped my cheeks in her hands, kissing me afterwards.

“Zosar” father also called and drew near.

“How…How’re you feeling?”

I looked around and confirmed it – indeed, there was something wrong.

“Mother…what happened?” I finally asked, unable to contain it anymore.

“You…” She paused and held my hand.
“You went into a deep sleep, Zosar – right after that witch stabbed you. But you don’t need to worry because we had her killed that very day” she replied and I flinched.

“I was…in a deep sleep?” I asked, surprised and she nodded.

“For how long, mother?”

She looked at dad, then at me.

“Um…its been five years now” she replied and I almost slumped.


I opened my eyes wide and looked at her with a stunned expression, unable to find my tongue.

What the hell??

Five years???

Oh, saviors!


My baby!

I looked at father with my eyes almost popping out.


“Where’s Zoey?? Where’s she? What happened to her? Where’s my baby?” I asked in alarming tone, trying to leave the bed, but they held me back.

“Zosar, please! You need to calm down. Please…”

“No, no, I can’t. Where’s Zoey? What happened to her?

“She was in your custody, right?” I asked, looking at father.
“You locked her up and told me I was gonna see her after my wedding with Rana. So, what happened to her???”

For a moment, they were both silent and I tried leaving the bed again.

“She left!” Father replied and I paused.
“She escaped, okay? And we’ve tried all we could to find her but to no avail”.

I heard a loud bang in my head and felt the entire place turning.

I found myself being gob smacked and couldn’t utter a word for a very long time.

“We’re sorry, Zosar” mother said ruefully.

“Did she know about my condition before she escaped?” I asked, but didn’t get a reply.

“Did she know about my condition before she escaped?” I asked again.

“No – she escaped the night before the wedding”. Father replied and I scoffed and bit my lower lip.


“And where’s Rana?” I asked, my gaze on the floor.

“She…she’s married” mother replied and this time around, I forcefully left the bed.

“Don’t touch me!!! Both of you!!” I yelled, not knowing where the strength came from.

“You used me! Ruined my life! Zoey wasn’t in the palace that night, yet you threatened me with her life! Forced me into something I was likely to regret for the rest of my life. And the f**king Rana you’ve always worshipped is happily married while I was in a deep sleep, not knowing the fate of my child and his mother! How could you???”

“Zosar, please…”

“Tell me the truth – both of you – am I really your son? Huh? Did you really give birth to me? Because I don’t understand why you claim to love me but don’t f**king want my happiness! You destroyed my life!!!” I rasped and kicked the bed, making it shatter on the floor.

“Hah!” Mother winced in fright.

“Now, listen to me and listen very good – if anything’s happened to Zoey or my child, there’ll be war between us” I said, looking at father directly in the eyes.

“If anything has happened to them, I swear with my life, I’ll make you pay. So, you better get ready!” I stated angrily and flounced out of the room.

“Zosar!” I heard mother call in tears and run after me but I didn’t stop to look at her.

I needed to find my family.


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