Pregnant Virgin – Episode 50

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pregnant virgin stories


Episode 50
(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 50

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
The day at the office went smoothly and when it was close to evening, I left to pick Axel up from school.

Zach was very busy and didn’t offer to give me a ride this time around. Well, it wasn’t like I had a problem with it anyway.

I boarded a cab to his school and went straight for his classroom and as soon as he saw me, he jumped on me.

“Mum!!” He called and I giggled and held him tight.

“Hello, prince charming. I’ve missed you, my love” I laughed as I kissed him and dropped him on the floor.

“How was school today, huh?” I asked while taking his bags from him.
His teacher didn’t seem to be in.

“It was fine, mum.” He replied buoyantly and I smiled and shook his hair.


After fixing his school and lunch bags properly on my shoulders, I beld his hand and we left the classroom together.

We left the creche premises and was about headed for the gate when I met Axel’s teacher.

“Ma’am Zoey!” She called with a smile and we stopped walking.

“Good day, ma’am. I noticed you weren’t in class” I said breezily.

“Yeah…I had to attend to something urgent. But the kids were safe, huh?”

“Yes, yes. Of course. Thank you so much”.

And we chuckled a bit.

“Um…can I have a word with you?” She asked and I pondered.

“Uh..of course” I replied and we took a few steps away..

Axel fred himself from my hand from mine and since i was focused on the teacher, I had no idea he was moving far from me.
Zoey’s mom:
I stood soberly in the school compound, scouring my eyes around like it was so easy to spot someone like that amidst this large crowd.

I took counted steps in and miraculously, I spotted him.

Yes! He’s definitely the one!

He’s the same kid I had seen with Zoey yesterday!

I gasped in relief and started walking towards him as he played around.

My hands were clutched together as I took few steps closer and finally, I got to where he was.

“Hey” I called in more like a whisper and he turned to look at me.

Oh, my! He was so cute! Could he really be Zoey’s son? I heard him call her “mum” yesterday.

Oh! Zoey!
What the hell happened to her? I can’t believe she had actually given birth for real. She was now a mother.

Its been five years already and heaven knows I’ was worried sick about her.

But where has she been the entire time? Has she been in the country? Why didn’t she come home to me? I thought we both agreed she’d return home as soon as she puts to bed?

Because of her, I didn’t move out of the old house. Despite all the troubles I encountered there, I still didn’t move out because I wanted to make it easier for her to locate me when she returned.

But, what happened?

“Hey! I know you!” The little boy said sharply, his sparkling eyes so beautiful.

I smiled and bent to his level.

“Of course, son. You should know me. You’re so handsome” I replied.

“Yeah….I get that a lot” he said to my surprise, almost making me laugh.

Okay…I can definitely identify a proud kid when I see one

“But, who’re you?” He asked but I didn’t reply immediately.

“Son, you remember me, right? Your car had almost knocked me down on your way home yesterday” I began.

“Yes, Of course, I remember”

“The lady I had seen you with, the one you called mum. Is she really your mum?” I asked and he nodded and my eyes beamed.


Oh! God, I knew it.

I chuckled ruefully and touched his face.

He was my grandson. Zoey’s child.

Oh, my! He was so cute!

“Axel?” I suddenly heard Zoey’s voice and lifted my head to see her standing behind him.
Zoey’s Pov:
I felt so bittered after having the conversation with Axel’s teacher because she only wanted to remind me of his fees and how he’d no longer be allowed into the premisses the next day.

Oh, God!

Well, I wouldn’t blame her because he hasn’t paid a dime for this semester and their exams were right around the corner.

What do I do?

I groaned painfully and turned around to look for him.

Hold on; where’s he?

“Axel?” I called but got no reply.
There were lots of students around with their parents but I couldn’t find him

“Axel!!” I called and started moving around.

Oh my God! Where the hell is he???

My heart pounded heavily as I couldn’t trace him.

“Axel??” I kept calling and thank goodness, I finally found him.

Good lord!

I placed my hand, heaving In relief, but not for long as I found him with a woman.


I flinched and ran to where they were.

“Axel?” I called from behind him and mom looked at her.

What the hell is she doing here? And why’s she with my son?

“Mum?” Axel called and I took his hand immediately.

“Axel,what’s wrong with you? Why did you move away from me?? And I haven’t warned you to avoid talking to strangers?” I asked angrily, looking into his face.

“I’m sorry, mum” he replied with a pitiful face but I ignored it and tried walking away with him.

“Zoey” mum called and I stopped.

“Zoey,,please. We need to talk”.

I stood backing her for a while, but finally decided to give it a thought..

I turned to Axel.

“Axel, I want you to go over there and wait for me. I’ll be quick, okay?” I told him and he nodded and walked away and I watched him to be sure he was at the right spot.
Then, I turned to Mum.

“What is it, mum?” I asked immediately, ignoring the soft look in her eyes.

I needed those looks five years ago, but she deprived me of it.

“Zoey” she called tenderly and came closer.
“My dear daughter. You’re looking so grown up”.

I took my eyes to the floor and didn’t say a word.

“Where have you been, Zoey? I…I thought you were in Egypt?” She asked

“Well, I returned here as soon as I had given birth. its a long story, but it shouldn’t matter to you” I replied icily.


“Zoey…I’ve been waiting for you. Why didn’t you come home at…”

“Really?” I cut her off with a scoff.

“Were you seriously expecting me to come home after kicking me out like a piece of trash?”


“I begged you, mum! What didn’t I do to convince you I was telling the truth? I was a virgin, but you never believed me! You kicked me out and made me go with a total stranger!”

She bent her head in somber.

“Zoey, please. I’m so sorry. I…I never wanted to hurt you. Everything happened so fast. It was complicated. I…I admit I was wrong – yes. I shouldn’t have sent you away no matter what.

“But I regretted it, Zoey. And since then, I’ve been working hard, trying to gather enough money so I could come to Egypt to look for you. Please, Zoey. Forgive me”. She said tearfully and I scoffed and looked away.

A tear also came rolling down, but I quickly wiped it away.

“You ruined me, mum – you sent me away. Do you even know what I had to go through in the palace? I went through hell and almost lost my life. If not for the fact Zosar’s a nice person, I’d probably be dead by now.

“Besides, you told me you didn’t want me to come home with my son. The plan was – as soon as I put to bed, I was to leave the baby for them and return home.

“Well, I’m sorry, but the baby has become a part of me and I can never think of being away from him. So, he’s my responsibility”.

“Of…of course, Zoey. He’s also my grandson and I accept him. Please, Zoey. Give me a chance”.

I stared into her pathetic face and sniffed.

“Just stay away from us” I added coldly and scurried to where Axel was, ignoring her calls.


I took Axel’s hand and we left the school together.
Zoey’s mum:
I returned home, crying profusely.

Oh! My Zoey! I’ve lost her! Lost everything! I can’t believe she wouldn’t even look at me anymore.

I sat in the sitting room room wept for a long time, regretting my mistakes.

Why did I have to act so foolishly, huh? How could I have sent my own daughter away?


Oh God!

I wish there was something I could do to change the hands of time. I wish there was something I could do to correct my mistakes.

I can’t lose Zoey – she’s the only one I’ve got in the world. How can I possibly lose her?

I continued crying bitterly until I heard a knock on the door and quickly lifted my head.

Zoey?? I thought hopefully.

Could she be the one? Could it be possible she’s come home to me?

The knock came again and I sprang on my feet to check it out. And without asking who it was, I opened the door anxiously but found someone else.

It wasn’t my Zoey!

But…someone familiar.

A young guy.

“Greetings” he spoke coldly as his eyes pierced into mine and I looked at him from head to toe.

Hold on…why does he look so familiar?

Suddenly, I gasped as the image became clearer.

Oh my God!!!

Of course!!

It was him!

Yes, the prince from Egypt

How can I ever forget the face of the one who had gotten my daughter pregnant???
Oh, my gee!😱😱😱

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