Pregnant Virgin – Episode 52

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🍷Pregnant Virgin💫
(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 52

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I felt my heart thud as I stared into him.

No; this isn’t a dream, is it?

Oh my God!


Am…Am I hallucinating or what??

He’s standing in front of me! Right in front of me!

I stood speechless as he stepped in front of mum and came closer to the door and the next person he took his eyes to was Axel.

“Axel?” He called, looking down at him.

Oh my God! That voice of his.

“How did you know my name?” Axel asked with a string of bemusement in his voice and Zosar scoffed and looked at me

“Is he…?” He asked but I didn’t respond and he smiled and squatted in front of Axel.

“Five years is such a long time, huh?” He asked as he touched his hair gently and surprisingly, he didn’t resist him.

“You’ve grown so big…and handsome”.

Axel turned and looked at me, but I couldn’t say a word as tears scrolled down my cheeks

“you look good, son” Zosar said and his eyes beam.

“Son?” Axel repeated with a cringe and Zosar stood up immediately.


He gave me a long stare and this time around, I ran and jumped on him.
Oh my God!!

He’s real!!

“Zosar…” I whimpered as I hugged him tight.
He also held me in return, making sure my feet weren’t touching the floor.

I thought of what to say but couldn’t as I just wept on his shoulders.

It was him – my Zosar.

It was him.

Oh my Goddd.

“Baby” he called with a smile as he pulled me down and cupped my cheeks in his hands.
“You’re alive. You did it”.

I scoffed with the tears in my eyes, my hands on his shoulders.

“I survived it, Zosar. I survived with our son. What happened to you? I thought you left me for good” I said tearfully and he smiled and shook his head

“I’m sorry” he said and hugged me again and afterwards, we planted our lips on each other and smooched – ignoring the presence of a kid.

Geez! I’ve missed this for five years! Five years!

I thought he left me.
Or was dead.
Or something else happened.

I thought I was never gonna see him again.

But here he was – right in my arms. He was right here with me.

“Mom” I heard Axel’s voice and broke the kiss with Zosar.

“Is he really my dad?”

I looked at Zosar who also smiled and looked at him.

“Isn’t it obvious? You look exactly like me and that’s the only reason you’re this handsome” he said and I was forced to laugh.


He moved closer and carried him up in his arms.

“I’m your father, boy. You need to know that from today. So, from now on, you call me dad” he said and Axel looked at me, as if requesting some kinda approval.

“Where have you been all these years? How come I’ve never seen you before?” He asked and Zosar sighed.

“I’m sorry, okay? Let’s just say I’ve been in a very deep sleep”, he replied and I flinched at that.

What’s he talking about?
“Mum, is he telling the truth? Is he really my dad?” Axel looked at me and asked and I nodded with a smile.

“Oh! Boy, do you really think I’m lying to you? My son’s all grown up now. I guess we have a lot of catching up to do” Zosar said as he tickled him and dropped him on the floor after making him laugh.

He came to me afterwards and held my cheeks.

“I’m sorry for hurting you, Zoey” he said softly.
“It’s a long story but I promise to explain everything to you”

“Its fine. Its fine” I whispered and sniffed.

“You’re looking more beautiful” he said and gave me a head to toe stare.

“Hold on; are you going out?”

The question dawned on me as I recalled my dinner with Zach.

Oh – oh. It’s definitely not working out.

“Zoey?” Zosar called and I shook my head.

“I…I was actually on my way out. But don’t worry, its canceled” i replied and he furrowed his brows.

“You were going on a date?” He asked suspiciously

“I’m sorry. I mean…no. It was just…it was dinner. Don’t worry about it – its not important” I faltered but he still gave me that unsatisfied look.

Hold on; don’t tell me he’s thinking…



“Um…dad” Axel’s tiny voice was heard and we both turned to look at him.
He had his hands clasped together.

“Since…you’re really my dad, could you come with me, please? There are certain things I’d love to show you” he said and Zosar’s eyes beamed.

Hm. What could it be?

“Seems someone has been planning a surprise all along” he winked at me and went to meet him.

He carried him up in his arms and they proceeded to wherever It was Axel had in mind.

Tears filled my eyes as I watched them and that was when it occurred to me – my family was becoming complete.

It was complete.

I smiled and wiped the tear that rolled on my cheeks.

“Zoey” I heard my name from the door and turned to see it was mum.

Oh, my! Mum!

She’s been standing there the whole time and I completely forgot.

“Zoey” she whimpered and took a step closer.

“Mum” I called as I ran and hugged her, feeling so happy.

I knew I was mad at her, but today was different.

Today was more like the happiest day of my life and I didn’t have time for grudges.
2 episodes to go🥰

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