Pregnant Virgin – Episode 7

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 7

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
I knocked weakly on the door, hoping she opened up soon because I wasn’t sure of how much longer I could stand.

More tears streamed down my cheeks and I wiped it off with sniffles.

After a while, I heard the door open and I took in a deep breath of relief.

“Zoey?” She called, surprised to see me.

“Mandy” I winced and busted into more tears.

She stared at me shocked for a while.

“Wh…What’s wrong? Why re you crying?” She asked but I couldn’t say a word as I just buried my face in her chest like a baby.
“Thank you” I muttered as I handed the empty glass to her after gulping the cold water.

She kept the glass on the table and came to sit beside me on the bed.

She sighed.

“So…the doctor said you’re pregnant?” She asked.

“Yes, but I swear, that’s not true” I replied, raising my voice a bit.

“I swear with my life Mandy; I’ve never had s*x. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I can’t be pregnant without s*x”.

She kept mute for a while.

“But…you’ve been having the symptoms of pregnancy?” She broke the silence and I blinked rapidly.

“Well, y…yes. I mean, I’ve been having the morning sickness, dizziness, throwing up, always feeling hungry”
I paused and sighed.

“I don’t know, Mandy. I swear, I’m confused. I..I can’t be pregnant. You know me, Mandy; I don’t even have a boyfriend. I haven’t had s*x with anyone. So, how can I be pregnant, huh? And the worst part is, mum wouldn’t listen to me.

“If only I’ve had s*x, I wouldn’t have had a problem. But in this case, I’m still a virgin. I don’t know what to do, Mandy”.

“This is really weird” she mumbled

“Hold on;” she suddenly said.
“Since you’re doubting the test, why don’t we carry out a more reliable one?”

I sniffed and looked at her.

“What’re you talking about?” I asked.

“Let’s go for a pregnancy scan, Zoey. I mean, a scan can’t lie. It reveals what’s on your tummy and if there’s really a baby in it, we’ll be able to see it” she said with a smile.
Zosar’s Pov:
“Pull over” I said to the driver and he pulled over in front of the large hospital.

I brought out Hathor’s picture from my bag and looked at the hospital. Why am I feeling her presence here? Could it be possible she’s hurt?

I opened the door and came out of the car .

Oh, Hathor! Please just tell me you’re fine. Why would she be in a hospital?

The securities at the gate gawped at me as I approached them. What insolence.

Normally in Egypt, such people don’t stand when I’m walking. They lie on the floor as soon as they see me.

They wanted to question me when I got to the gate, but I snapped my fingers and they couldn’t speak but just watched me as I walked in.

I walked into the main building and met some people at the reception.

I looked around, wondering where Hathor might be. I could sense her presence here – although it was faint.

Then I went to meet me a nurse.

“Good morning, sir. How may I help you?” She asked as soon as I got to her desk.

“Good morning to you too” the second nurse also said with a smile and bit her lip.

Obviously, she was drooling. Well, I get that a lot.

But right now, the only thing on my mind was Hathor.

I brought out her picture and showed it to the nurse.

“I’m looking for this lady. Is she here?” I asked and she collected the picture from me, giving it a long stare.

“Who’s it?” The second nurse asked as she drew near to also have a look.

“Oh! Isn’t this the corpse that was brought in few nights ago?” She asked and my heart gave a leap

“Yes! Now I know why she looks familiar. She’s the one” the first nurse also said with a nod.


“What’re you talking about?” I asked with my eyes dilating.

“Where’s she??”

They exchanged a brief glance at each other

“I’m sorry sir, but she’s dead” the first nurse replied.
Zoey’s Pov:
“Are you ready?” The doctor asked as Mandy and I stood together in the ward.

I bit my lower lip and looked at Mandy and she gave me the go-ahead.

“Y…Yes” I stuttered to the doctor, my gaze on the floor.

I’ve never been so nervous in my entire life.

“Come on; get on the bed” he said and I took in a deep breath and went to lay on the bed.

Oh God! Please, prove them wrong with this scan. I just hope it comes out negative and proves to them I’m not pregnant.

I breathed nervously and looked up at the ceiling as the doctor got everything ready and lifted my shirt upto my bre*st level, making my entire tummy exposed.

Then he placed the ultrasound scanner on my lower abdomen and the machine started displaying.

I lifted my head so I could also have a look and what I saw confused me.
“What does it say, doctor?” Mandy was the one who asked and I suddenly felt scared of what the doctor’s reply would be.

“Look here;’can’t you see the baby?” He asked and pointed to the X-ray screen and that was when it became clear to me – nothing was confusing. I just didn’t want to believe the fact that I had seen a baby.

Mandy gasped and her eyes almost bulging out.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed, still looking at the screen.

I also kept staring and saw the little foetus as it curled up in my womb. Like forever, I was speechless.

Oh my God! This wasn’t a dream. It was real. There was a baby in my womb. I was pregnant!

I didn’t realize a tear strolling down my cheek as I sniffed and sat up.

“Miss, you…”

“Mandy I need to speak with you” I cut doctor off and looked at Mandy.

“Um…sure” she shrugged and I stood up and left the room with her.

We got out to the corridor and I didn’t stop walking until I was sure I was in a place where nobody could hear us.

I placed my hands at akimbo and turned to look at her.

“Something’s not right” I told her, ignoring the blenched expression on her face.

“Zoey, You saw the X-ray. You’re…”

“I’m pregnant – yes! But I swear with my life Mandy, I never had s*x”.

Then I sighed and turned around.

“Do you believe in magic?” I asked with my back turned against her and I heard her scoff.

“Magic?” She repeated, making it sound ridiculous.

“I think I know what happened to me” I turned to her and said.

“That night – on my way home from the party, the lady I had bumped into – the one that ended up dead in the morning – I think she was pregnant. And I think she transferred her baby to me”.


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