Pregnant Virgin – Episode 8

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pregnant virgin stories

(Pregnant for a prince)

Episode 8

By: Faith Lucky

Zoey’s Pov:
Oh God! This sounds insane. But it’s the truth. Its the only possible explanation to this story.

“Zoey?” Mandy called with a scoff.

“Are you alright?”

“I swear Mandy; I know what I’m saying. How else can a lady get pregnant without having sex? We have the medical way which is surrogacy. And aside that, what other way could there be? The spiritual way!

“That night, when I was with the lady, she had said something about her baby. She was scared and said things like *my baby. Please save him. I can’t lose him*

“And next, she held my wrist and said some strange words like…like an enchantment. I felt different and even my wrist turned red and that was when I passed out. And the next morning, the strange symptoms began.” I explained, rushing my words.

She stared at me, stunned like I’d run mad.

“Please Mandy, believe me. It has to be the only explanation” I said, panting heavily.

She scoffed and folded her lips.

“So….you’re tryna say you’re pregnant with someone else’s baby?” She asked.

“Yes; I’m very sure of it. I…I think so. I don’t know what to think Mandy, but it seems to be the only way.

“I don’t know who that lady was. But I think she knew was gonna die and that’s the reason she passed her baby to me for safe-keeping”.

“So, who’s the father?” She asked and I shook my head.

Oh God!

I completely have no idea.

“I…i think we need to go to the hospital where her body’s kept. I need to speak with a nurse and ask for her records. To see if they have any idea on her family’s background or anything” I suggested and she gave me a cranky look before nodding.
Zosar’s Pov:
I waited for the nurse to open the door and when she did, I slowly walked in.

I felt my heart skip as I saw a covered body on a bed.

I reduced my pace and counted my steps towards the bed.

“You can leave” I told the nurse behind me and she left.

Then I got to the bed and opened the white cloth and there she was, Hathor!!

I saw her;

She was the one –
Lying so quietly – like in a deep sleep.

Her face had become white and her lips chapped.

“No” I muttered and touched her hair.

No; this can’t be true.
She can’t really be dead.

“Ha..thor” I winced and lifted her head up a little like I wanted to hug her.

Tears dripped from my eyes to her face.

Oh, saviors.
How did this happen? She can’t be dead.

No; she Can’t.

“Hathor please” I cried – something I’ve never done in my whole life.

She can’t just die.

What happened to her?
We had so many plans.

I placed my hand on her tummy and wept. My baby – our baby – its all gone.

This can’t be.
Zoey’s Pov:
Mandy and I walked into the hospital building and headed straight to the nurses at the desk.

“Good evening ma’am” Mandy was the first to greet, then I followed.

“Hi. How may I help you, please?” She asked with a pretty smile.

“Um…we’re here to inquire about a corpse that was brought in few nights ago. She’s a young lady and was stabbed and…”

“Oh! Was she having a red hair?” She asked.

“Yes, yes. She’s the one” I nodded repeatedly

“Please, I…I just wanna know if you have any information about her. Like…her family, friends…”

“She doesn’t have any family” she replied and I flinched.

“We’ve been trying to reach anyone that might know her, but to now avail. But a while ago, someone came to see her. He’s still in there”.

Mandy and I looked at each other.

“Re…really?” I asked anxiously.


“Can you take us to the room, please?”

She hesitated for a while.

“Okay; come with me” she replied and started walking away and Mandy and I followed behind.

“Are you sure about this?”. Mandy whispered to me but I didn’t say anything.

We kept walking for a long time and finally, the nurse stopped in front of a door.

“That’s the room” she said and I looked at Mandy, suddenly feeling scared.

“T…Thank you” I stuttered and headed for the door.

I clasped my hand around the hinges and gulped nervously before turning the knob and opening the door.

I saw him!

He was crying over her.

Oh God!

I couldn’t tell why I suddenly felt nervous.
My throat became soar

He noticed me and turned to look at me and our eyes met.

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